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The Guessing Game. Guess Who?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by My Elysium Trips, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. #41 My Elysium Trips, Apr 16, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
    I've got, a tiny, tiny bit of Instant Coffee
    & Also more of -
    *Chaga fungus
    *Horse Hoof Tinder Fungus
    *Actual Buddha Plant Flowers / stems
    *Epsom Salts [1 Teaspoon for relaxation, anti inflation, & stomach bowels - help, pain, etc]
    *And like 3 Total little Hop Pellets - they can be Sour & Bitter, a Cannabis Cousin, might help with Pain & such.

    And I think that's all I put into a Tea. To Actually get Cleated or Absorbable Nutrients & Vitamins in Soaking herb, plant & Mushroom Teas.

    [ [ [ Edit - Homegrown Catnip was placed into Coffee Maker for Tea, too. I'm drinking some, & steeping the rest of Tea Concoction! I got a Forest Cat Fisher Person, a little Helper. So nice a Cat. ] ] ]

    These are All Soaking on Hot Plate of Coffee Machine, to Keep Temps High enough to Work.

    I'm only Trying to suggest people look at Good or Important things.


    What would YOU guys put in your Own Teas, & Why...

    Thanks in advance!

    My Elysium Trips
  2. How Many [American] People Today can Say -

    That They -

    Have More Money than God?

    My Elysium Trips
  3. Heh, Ya.

    Momba Humbo Bumbo Gumva Neeeva

    Si, Senior. Ghoplmzatbbiffllnvsat I'm




    Or, Can you Please translate to English. I'm not sure what you said? Because I don't know how to answer your post....

    My Elysium Trips
  4. We all should go Organic, Holistic Everything!

    Who would Condone That?

    I'm sure the 99%...

    My Elysium Trips
  5. What if Every American Demanded Silver for Each Dollar. Like Pre Federal Reserve? Then Take Silver at Pre 1913 Prices! And Gold, too. Demand that!

    Please debate. I'm not Sure What would happen.

    If a Dollar back in 1912, what kind of Silver that Would But Each Person in Oz's?

    Or, We should demand Pre 1913 Monetary System's!

    Anything else is Unconstitutional!

    We have Unconditional Rights per Creator!

    My Elysium Trips
  6. Cash Them Out

    Big Casino - Jimmy Eat World [Good Song here]




    My Elysium Trips

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