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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by The Gorn, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Check out this "Memories" Calla Lily Gorn 0618182010.jpg
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    Instead of actually doing anything with my day, I spend an hour and a half compulsively re-organizing until it gets too hot to function.
    IMG_20180621_120055.jpg IMG_20180621_120113.jpg IMG_20180621_120130.jpg IMG_20180621_120140.jpg IMG_20180621_120150.jpg IMG_20180621_120055.jpg IMG_20180621_120113.jpg IMG_20180621_120130.jpg IMG_20180621_120140.jpg IMG_20180621_120150.jpg
  3. Spring gives the nod to Summer and favored blossoms fade
    at least the ones who moved to slow to prosper in the shade
    IMG_20180703_064351.jpg IMG_20180703_064431.jpg IMG_20180703_064439.jpg IMG_20180703_064453.jpg IMG_20180703_064544.jpg IMG_20180703_064601.jpg IMG_20180703_064749.jpg IMG_20180703_064754.jpg
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    Another look at my Moro orange seedling followed by a purple basil that appeared out of thin air and fresh and vigorous sprout from the bare root of another rescue of a transplant I broke (that was planted anyway and is thriving as well).
    IMG_20180704_184529.jpg IMG_20180704_184551.jpg IMG_20180704_184556.jpg
  5. A fresh reshuffle when the yard gets cut.
    IMG_20180705_110418.jpg IMG_20180705_110438.jpg IMG_20180705_110448.jpg IMG_20180705_110458.jpg IMG_20180705_110508.jpg IMG_20180705_110518.jpg IMG_20180705_110539.jpg
  6. Slow roll for the orange seedling but the purple heart and purple basil are coming on strong.
    IMG_20180715_130109.jpg IMG_20180715_130122.jpg IMG_20180715_130102.jpg
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  7. First hummingbird of the season spotted while rearranging the yard this morning.
    IMG_20180718_131552.jpg IMG_20180718_131607.jpg IMG_20180718_131621.jpg IMG_20180718_131635.jpg IMG_20180718_131641.jpg IMG_20180718_131702.jpg IMG_20180718_131722.jpg
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