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  1. Check out this "Memories" Calla Lily Gorn 0618182010.jpg
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    Instead of actually doing anything with my day, I spend an hour and a half compulsively re-organizing until it gets too hot to function.
    IMG_20180621_120055.jpg IMG_20180621_120113.jpg IMG_20180621_120130.jpg IMG_20180621_120140.jpg IMG_20180621_120150.jpg IMG_20180621_120055.jpg IMG_20180621_120113.jpg IMG_20180621_120130.jpg IMG_20180621_120140.jpg IMG_20180621_120150.jpg
  3. Spring gives the nod to Summer and favored blossoms fade
    at least the ones who moved to slow to prosper in the shade
    IMG_20180703_064351.jpg IMG_20180703_064431.jpg IMG_20180703_064439.jpg IMG_20180703_064453.jpg IMG_20180703_064544.jpg IMG_20180703_064601.jpg IMG_20180703_064749.jpg IMG_20180703_064754.jpg
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    Another look at my Moro orange seedling followed by a purple basil that appeared out of thin air and fresh and vigorous sprout from the bare root of another rescue of a transplant I broke (that was planted anyway and is thriving as well).
    IMG_20180704_184529.jpg IMG_20180704_184551.jpg IMG_20180704_184556.jpg
  5. A fresh reshuffle when the yard gets cut.
    IMG_20180705_110418.jpg IMG_20180705_110438.jpg IMG_20180705_110448.jpg IMG_20180705_110458.jpg IMG_20180705_110508.jpg IMG_20180705_110518.jpg IMG_20180705_110539.jpg
  6. Slow roll for the orange seedling but the purple heart and purple basil are coming on strong.
    IMG_20180715_130109.jpg IMG_20180715_130122.jpg IMG_20180715_130102.jpg
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  7. First hummingbird of the season spotted while rearranging the yard this morning.
    IMG_20180718_131552.jpg IMG_20180718_131607.jpg IMG_20180718_131621.jpg IMG_20180718_131635.jpg IMG_20180718_131641.jpg IMG_20180718_131702.jpg IMG_20180718_131722.jpg
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  8. The Slender Garden. Unused strip on the Eastern side works perfectly to offer the watermelon as much room as it might need.
    IMG_20180721_143034.jpg IMG_20180721_143048.jpg IMG_20180721_143057.jpg IMG_20180721_143117.jpg
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  9. IMG_20180728_085202.jpg
    Every time I check on this Lilly, this little fellow is patrolling the territory.
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  10. Frustrated over the lack of fire in this wave of cuts, I still haven't hardened my heart enough to give up completely.
  11. While nothing to write home about, this batch of sad clones are hanging on and actually flowering under the less than ideal conditions they've been relegated to.
  12. Watching last year's display through videos posted on my Periscope account gives me a better sense of how much things have changed and makes the victory of a wave of Hibiscus seedlings even sweeter.
    IMG_20180812_085355.jpg IMG_20180812_085604.jpg

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