The Growth Within

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by The Gorn, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. IMG_20180511_114905.jpg IMG_20180511_114959.jpg IMG_20180511_115009.jpg IMG_20180511_115020.jpg IMG_20180511_115042.jpg IMG_20180511_115137.jpg IMG_20180511_115150.jpg IMG_20180511_115201.jpg IMG_20180511_115216.jpg IMG_20180511_115224.jpg Cell phone fever
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  2. Hi friend! :hola:
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  3. A reshuffle to provide some relief to the spots on the lawn hosting the menagerie.
    IMG_20180519_154752.jpg IMG_20180519_154814.jpg IMG_20180519_154829.jpg IMG_20180519_154840.jpg IMG_20180519_154853.jpg IMG_20180519_154913.jpg
  4. Making steady progress on getting nothing done.
    IMG_20180523_170823.jpg IMG_20180523_170850.jpg IMG_20180523_170906.jpg IMG_20180523_170916.jpg IMG_20180523_170930.jpg IMG_20180523_170951.jpg IMG_20180523_171041.jpg IMG_20180523_171125.jpg IMG_20180523_171132.jpg
  5. Mission accomplished; two hours to relocate the big greenhouse to a brighter spot in the yard.
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  6. Your plants are gorgeous! I too am heading that direction. My house no longer has room for all my crap. I'm addicted to sprouting everything i can get my hands on. Mostly strange stuff tho. I need a greenhouse lol. I'm going to follow you.
  7. The 'biscus is a mighty timid creature; first of dozens, ready to unfold. Haven't bothered to learn the names of all, but drawn to deeper hues.
    IMG_20180602_122347.jpg IMG_20180602_122444.jpg IMG_20180602_122505.jpg IMG_20180602_122525.jpg
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  8. Found a shot from last year.
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  9. Probably should have offered the monster bucket to the watermelon but I've never been one for long range planning. IMG_20180604_075324.jpg IMG_20180604_075241.jpg IMG_20180604_075339.jpg IMG_20180604_075454.jpg
  10. Not mindfully blended but still a nice contrast to highlight each players effort.
    And a first showing from a pink Mandy added earlier this season.
  11. Productive day did wonders for a gloomy mood; moved the little greenhouse a few few back to provide a better path to the back yard for extending efforts yonder. Reorganized all the pretties as well.
    IMG_20180608_174053.jpg IMG_20180608_174105.jpg IMG_20180608_174117.jpg IMG_20180608_174128.jpg IMG_20180608_174141.jpg IMG_20180608_174200.jpg IMG_20180608_174236.jpg IMG_20180608_174305.jpg
  12. Still a few left that need re-potting; those that received the treatment are definitely looking perkier.
    IMG_20180614_113521.jpg IMG_20180614_113538.jpg IMG_20180614_113557.jpg IMG_20180614_113610.jpg IMG_20180614_113620.jpg IMG_20180614_113632.jpg IMG_20180614_113651.jpg IMG_20180614_113710.jpg IMG_20180614_113717.jpg

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