The Grow Show: No Till ROLS Stealth Spare Room part II: Return of the NuteLess

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  1. 9A8356C4-FFAF-4E30-9E1C-BACE5765EBCD.jpeg Hey everyone, it’s been too long!!
    To all the haters, trolls, trump supporters, right wing prison and military industry bolstering propaganda spoon fed morons who support the war on drugs and the Israeli Gazan apartheid....
    Get the EFFFFFFFF out of here

    Its day thirteen here and the stretch is happening. It’s been a few years since I had a room running and In the last five days alone they’ve grown about 10 inches. It’s hard to tell since I see them every day but from when the lights go off to when they come on the growth has been noticeable.

    Had some air conditioner issues, the initial window unit I had just stopped working so We had to power through the paranoia and half an hour before the lights went on I inturupted their photo cycle with a small incandescent bulb and struggled to get it out and another one in. Pulled it off and then two days later THAT god damned AC just kicked the effing bucket so I decided to just use my portable last resort AC. And it is a powerhouse and a half. You are supposed to have about 3-4000 BTU per kilowatt. But since my hoods are cooled down with the winter air the 12,500 BTU portable is doing exactly what I need. Hoping to be out ofhere by summer anyway without further adieu, here are the ladies...

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  2. Damn democrats...
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  3. Damn them both.

    But to stand up and support such a low life idiot who has the articulacy and intellect of a fifth grade bully is moronic.

    Ultimately I feel you have to be a specific type of stupid to believe someone who spends more on a meal than you make in a year and more on a vacation than you’ll ever earn in your life, supports your interests. Great leaders have come and gone and been assasinated jn broad daylight so that men with small egos and tiny peckers can rule the world with malice, greed and an unregulated system of capitalism that is ultimately a system of exploitation

    The reality is that both spectrums of American and ultimately global politics today are controlled by a group of wealthy elite transnational business owners and banking elite who use the democratic system to protect themselves from democracy. They have turned poverty and horrible environments it causes which lead to poor mental health and human suffering in general into commodities for the prison industrial system which is an extension of slavery.
    The democrats and republicans are just the same party. They bend to the will of corporate authority. They push endless war for profit, they allowed the bankers responsible for the ‘08 housing crisis, men who committed mass financial fraud and caused immense amounts of homelessness, to go free and face no justice. They allow a skewed justice system and an illegal war on drugs which violates our rights to freedom in multiple ways.

    The only candidate in 2016 who had the working class interests in his mind was pushed under the carpet by the establishment.

    The DNC and RNC are funded by the same financial entities and they were adamant to not let sanders receive the nomination and become elected so the system sabotaged itself knowing full well trump would be elected because Clinton didn’t have support of those who would vote sanders but wouldn’t vote if he had not run. So when they forced her upon the left most people with half a brain saw what was happening and decided to vote third party like Johnston or stein. So the election wasn’t rigged by Russia but it’s really good for the prison industrial complex’s quarterly profits to promote fear mongering and ultimately war time spending.

    That’s what we have today, we have war hungry greed mongerers pulling the strings and using the public relations industry to brain wash the population and manufacture consent for endless war in the Middle East for resource control and the pursuit of permeating the world with Anglo Saxon Protestantism and ultimately pushing forth eugenics silently via our social and cultural attitudes.

    But try not to think about it too much. Politicians are mostly corrupt and the ones who stand up for the little guy usually get cut down real quick by a crazy “lone gunman” who conveniently ends up getting murdered.

    Some people say that conspiracies doesn’t happen and that the government is just not capable of something so intricate, but they forget that the wealthy control the government and that when you have billions of dollars there is pretty much nothing that you can’t buy. Hell many conspiracies have already been proven.
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    I think Donald J. Trump said it best when talking to De nero, an individual of lesser intelligence.
    Oh if u r so smart why ain't you rich and run for President?

    And when you bad mouth my military you get this response...
    If it wasn't for me, what language do you think you would be speaking?
    You can always get a ticket and leave, shit I'd pay for one, and every other vet on here would chip in.

    Same for you fooldo
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  5. We would still be speaking English.

    Eisenhower said to beware of the intersection of military industry and corporate power we ignored him. JFK tried to limit the power of this machine, they murdered him as well as his brother, MLK jr and Malcom X.

    Honestly blind support is not patriotism. Our whole government is corrupt and the service men and women have no idea what they are fighting for anymore. You can be mad at people who dissent and question authority but coming off as superior because you follow orders without question at the detriment of our freedom, not the support of it, does not earn you respect. We have been involved in over 60 military occupations since WWII and that is not fighting for freedom, it is empire building it is global domination it is resource control. We don’t care about American lives and it’s obvious once the veterans come home they are just worn out pieces of meat not even worth being treated like human beings. How many vets got extreme radiation sickness and died in cancer for being part of the bikini atoll Nuke tests where higher officers told the troops they could swim in the ocean they just detonated a warhead with no problem and then so so many of them got cancer and so many of those settlements were denied and many service members died of cancer with no recompense. So where is this respect you speak of when the government who’s freedom you are allegedly fighting for won’t even respect the pawns they send to die for their masters profit margins?

    And then you use harsh words and intimidation to assert America’s magnanimity in the global theater and use blind support to justify war crimes and atrocity.

    We spend too much on genocide, the wars we fight erode national security and validate islamic extremism.

    Oh and then there is the undisputed fact that the son and grandson of a nazi bank conglamprate, nazi sympathizer and someone who provided hitler with fuel and weapons in World War Two, we’re sitting US presidents. Their grandfather attempted to use the most respected general and a military hero who actually deserves respect, smedly butler, to try and instill a fascist wall street led coup and overthrow the Roosevelt administration along with other Wall Street families. But butler went straight to the house unaerican activities committee and reported it where they said it was a legitimate complaint and did nothing about it because just like the last thirty years or so the bush family uses their money and political influence to do whatever they please.

    You can say whatever you want but I know history and really you’ve just been conditioned to support racism and genocide at the expense of yourself and the benefit of wealthy people who see you as a cockroach / manipulate-able pawn.

    This is reality idk what you can say to legitimize gebocide, ridiculous pollution/ the consumption of petroleum chemicals beyond reason and nuclear proliferation. Do you even have any idea how many nuclear weapons have been dropped on the planet or is giving everyone on the planet cancer an ok outcome as long as we are protecting American democracy?

    9/11 didn’t happen because middle eastern share our freedom. It happened because for decades the American government has been funding Israel’s genpcode and providing them with the most advanced military technology so they can systematically exterminate a group of human beings with technological efficacy. While a good part of the global community actually says something America looks on silently and allows the Zionist regime of Israel to use the atrocities of the holocaust to allow their own genpcide whicb is disgusting.

    You should really understand what it is you support before pledging blind allegiance. I understand wearing a uniform and carrying life exterminating technology with a bunch of other people who are trained not to question authority and just take orders must create such a sense of community and union while you exterminate people defending their land and resources but in the last 6 decades America is not the good guy in the global theatre and we will be remembered as a tyrannical force that has spread genocide across the planet for the wealth of a few, namely the Rothschild banking family and their affiliates.

    and then there is the fact we are still in Afghanistan actively guarding the poppy fields for pharmaceutical interests and then how many times has our military set foot in Africa to manipulate resources for trans national corporations who exploit Africa’s resources which should be an international crime.

    Also the only thing Donald j trump said best was “you’re fired” and he’s about to hear the same phrase uttered to him in so many words. If you aren’t a multi millionaire or someone who’s wealth is in the 8-10 figure range then tell me how a bloated piece of garbage who spends more on a pair of shoes than you make in a year and more on a vacation than you make in your life, represents your interests? Please tell me how someone with no ability to speak English and no networking abilities in our country is stealing jobs from Americans? If Americans are loosing jobs to people with no English or networking skills then they deserve to lose those jobs and why should we blame these people who are being exploited by wealthy assholes just so they can make more money. Even your glorious leader has exploited them and hired “illegals” at his hotels and golf courses. And let’s look at that epithet, illegal. What makes someone who crosses an imaginary line illegal? Especially since that imaginary line is validated by genocide rape and slavery also known as colonialism? We stole this land from the natives violently using the tools of white Anglo Saxon Puritan supremacy and have no legitimate claim to it. We are all citizens of the same planet and to deny someone the ability to travel freely is a crime. Also the war on drugs is an illegal human rights violation that violates the same constitutional rights as are protected in the roe v wade decision but you’re probably pro life which is moronic because it’s far worse to force a life into this world to grow in an environment of poverty and lead to poor mental health and possibly criminality than it is to ensure that meaningless horrible existence of suffering doesn’t need to be.

    Idk how you see our imperialist for profit military as doing any good in the last 60 years, but you are sadly miss informed and mistaken as to the true purpose of the for profit American military enterprise

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  6. And Deniro is at least on the same level of intellect as trump. If not way higher. DeNiro at least has a skill/ talent and is articulate and doesn’t sound like a moron with the cognitive abilities of a fifth grade bully.

    I feel his supporters who believe In his intelligence are just finally extatic that someone with as low of an IQ and a similar mental capacity as they have is in the White House prompting systemic racism and directing valid anger towards our corrupt government institutions towards minorities and immigrants. But just like Twain said; it is easier to fool a man but impossible to convince him he has been fooled

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  7. Yawn....
    just another left wing liberal pelosi supporter looking for a free ride.
    Oh and I ain't racist, I hate ya'll equally
    Yeah and I enjoyed Kuwait and Iraq, wish I was still there I left some unfinished business there:love-m3j:
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  8. Not bad looking weed though....for a democrat:D
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  9. And I would like to clarify for a second time, I’m not a democrat, both sides of the system answer to the same masters. Picking sides when both sides are nothing but puppets to corporate military and prison industry interests is really a moot point. Regardless of wether trump or Clinton won 2016 the results wouldn’t have looked that different. Perpetual middle eastern warfare, the war on drugs which is a racist war against the poor and a means to send minorities into slave labor. Massive income inequality and wage/ debt slavery where minimum wage is stagnant when what we need is a maximum wage.

    I know you probably think people in our society who are wealthy earned their money but 80% of wealth is inherited the other 20 were either lucky did something illegal and a small portion of them actually engaged in some type of labor. Even Martin Luther king junior said many times that equality can never exist under capitalism because it is a system of exploitation and leads to massive income inequality. He was shot for speaking truth to power so that the wage and debt slaves and the slaves within the prison industry can continue to hold up this system upon their backs so the wealthy can continue to exploit us and take in their billions at our expense.

    There comes a point when having more money is pointless unless you are actively attempting to manipulate the global political climate to your benefit. Even Stanford completed a political study that proves the amount of money you have is directly proportionate to wether or not the social policies you support are also supported by the system. Those with large amounts of money have their interests represented within the political system and the majority, the poor, they have no representation. No lobbyists to stand up for their rights, so when major natural gas extracting companies come and start fracking in people’s back yard and they get cancer from the mixture of over 596 corrosive chemicals being used to dissolve shale rock to extract natural gas, they die and are just buried by massive profit margins because these companies these CEOs and corporate tycoons don’t give a shit about you or me, they see us as cockroaches, dollar signs, packaged commodities they can summon to do their bidding as they please and they only have to toss pennies at our feet to make us dance.

    If you support trump and his policies unfortunately you support a system built upon colonialism and white supremacy. And you can say trump is not a racist but he was sued multiple times for racial discrimination before he ran for office and then there was the central park 5 who were exonerated years after being thrown in prison for a crime they didn’t commit but were coerced to confess to and trump took out a page in the times saying we should bring back the death penalty for these young black boys who were ultimately innocent and the evidence didn’t even support any of the ideas the NYC DA was pushing. They just wanted someone guilty didn’t care if they actually did it or not. And trump never apologized for that extremely racist add he took out even after the 5 men were released from prison.

    Again I don’t support establishment politicians. I support civil rights leaders who were murdered decades ago so that companies profiting off of military and prison industry coup continue to do so. I read the words of men who stood for what Christ allegedly did meanwhile you are standkng for a man who pretends and uses Christianity as a tool to oppress the poor. It’s easy to see if you just dissolve the things around you that provide you illusory comfort.

    You’ll never wear the million dollar shot jackets or a 50,000 dollar Rolex, or eat a meal that costs 20,000 a plate. So why do you support people who live like that at your expense? Why do you follow their instructions to be angry at poor immigrants instead of the wealthy who are fleecing you and duping you to be their patsy.

    The reason I grow well, and play music well, write well, and do everything else well that I take up is because I am informed, I do my research and I know my shit. When you want to examine the world for what it is just ask what are the two biggest commerce producing industries?? Defense spending and prison spending are the largest industries and really any corporate capitalist center of consumerism is just there to bolster more military spending, allow the population to thrive create more human beings to condition to join the military to die for corporate profit margins under the guise of protecting freedom. But really we are not protecting American liberty we are storing the hornets nest and allowing the elite to manipulate us and take our freedom from us under the illusion that we will be safer.

    (Gun restriction laws were passed with the mulford act, which was in response to peaceful civil rights protests being guarded by armed black panther members so that violent racist police wouldn’t harm or kill anyone standing up for their rights and protesting, so that made rich white people so uncomfortable that even the NRA supported this bill which restricted our second amendment rights) im not a Democrat, I’m a true patriot who questions what is happening and sees bullshit from a hundred miles away. The system in this country is built upon colonialism. Slavery, and white Anglo Saxon protestantism’s supremacy over the world. That’s just the way it is. Flag flying and blind nationalistic pride are truly the most dangerous things to freedom imaginable
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  10. @GrowingAndShowing:

    We in Germany have also a problem with a rising movment of right-wing idiots (AfD).

    We are right now far away to have an IQ below 80 Leader who is just evil in any aspect. But i can not say that this will not happen in 3 to 7 years.

    Just google Bjoern (his real name is Bernd btw.) Hoeke.
    He is as evil as Trump but a bit more
    Intelligent, which is dangerous.

    Anyway, thank you for your wise words. I hope that the large majority of intellectalls all over the wold will change something, so that scientific facts will matter and not opinions of some stupid orange idiots!

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  11. Update;
    The beginning of week three is nigh! This morning was the last hour of day 14 and the first night of week 3.

    I have been cheating a little but only because above organic no till sustainability I have a waste not want not attitude and hundreds of dollars of nutrients in my closet. So I decided to use some canna boost and van de zwen house and garden’s shooting powder along with gen hydro’s silica and NFTG Herculean harvest. Just a few ml of each per gallon in the next 2-3 weeks to get these girls armpits super hairy.

    This is the first cycle in these ROLS containers so I have been supplementing to make sure these ladies get every last essential mobile and immobile nutrient they need. So pretty much just using the occasional left over bottled product form my previous life as a grower in a very diluted almost Lucas formula strength to supplement and hopefully give me some massive flowers. Also I always did like the canna boost product. Working with canna was a decent first grown experience especially since the flavor profile of each strain would shine with canna nutrients and almost tasted as close to organic as you could get with bottled nutrients. So I have about $200 worth of it left and it’s pretty much just molasses, liquid blood meal and some humic-fulvic acids. I should probably stay away from the shooting powder, but they recommend 65 grams into 26 gallons and last night I put 7 grams in 16 gallons just for a little extra PK boost.

    I hadn’t done a feeding for 3 days as of last night. Had scheduled a feed for the day before but decided to wait since they were still on the heavy side. So last night I mixed up 16 gallons with;
    400 ml coconut water, 320 ml Aloe gel. 160 ml aloe leaf pulp, 60 ml silica, 125 ml canna’s boost, 80 ml unsulphered molasses, 1 cup kelp paste, 80 ml Herculean harvest, 400 ml banana FPJ, a packet of mochorrhizae spores,
    7 grams of shooting powder and then since I ran out of kelp paste I put in 15 ml of flora liscious plus since it is mostly a kelp based product and I’ve been using in my foliar spray mix the entire grow. And ran out of my hydrated kelp paste a week ago. Next cycle in these pots will be completely nute free, I feel dirty since I’m technically cheating but I’m just supplementing to ensure they get everything they need.

    But their nodes are already beginning to put flowers on. The next two weeks will be what I call the armpit hairy swelling when these ladies pits get supper hairy and is the exact time you need to boost available P and K to ensure large swollen buds with big tear drop shaped calyxes. The last time I grew using a bottled nutrient schedule/ regiment my flower sites weren’t this pronounced at just two weeks so I have a feeling I’m well on the right way.

    The only thing I’m having a problem with now is wind. I have one oscillating stand up fan and two box fans. The oscillating fan is too strong and I had to aim it away because two of my plants are a bit wind burnt on one side. And I really do need another oscillating fan. It has also been 30 degrees warmer than it should be outside so last night I was fighting high temps. Had one of my box fans exhausting the hot air into the rest of my place to make sure my temps didn’t go higher than 80. They were able to stay around 76 all night till their photo period began this morning. The temps will be dropping in the next 36 hours and were supposed to get snow early tomorrow morning so fingers crossed for easier environment control.

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  12. The system in this country is built upon colonialism. Slavery, and white Anglo Saxon protestantism’s supremacy over the world. That’s just the way it is. Flag flying and blind nationalistic pride are truly the most dangerous things to freedom imaginable

    Yes Miss Pelosi...Now lets waste more time and money on trying to impeach our president
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  13. They loved that feeding yesterday. Had to raise my lights because they were praying hardcore when they flipped on today. It’s day 15 so the stretch should be over. They are now about 4’ tall including the height of the smart pots.

    These flower sites are putting out major pistils. The armpits are getting hairy. I have to say after using regiments of bottled nutrients by the book for years and this being my first organic run, the flower sites look bigger now than they would have looked if I were using canna, house & garden or nectar. These shrubs are rocking

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  14. What size are your containers ?
  15. 20 gallons a little bit under filled though. A little over a cubic yard 32 cubic feet of medium in total between them all.

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  16. What is the strain and breeder? Or they a mix?
  17. Reserva privada’s headband. It’s an old cut been around with me for over 5 years. I didn’t pop the seeds though. Received it with 2 other cuts from someone I used to be a caregiver for. I used to have;
    Great white shark, kosher kush, purple monkey balls, Chem dog and this headband.

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  18. Been having issues the last few days. My 20 amp circuit which has my AC circulating fans and inline fan keeps flipping. Not the breaker just the surge strip it’s plugged into. It did it the other morning when my veg tent lights came on because that’s on the same circuit too. And it just happened a little while ago. Luckily the outside temp finally went down, was hovering around 60 for a couple days and now finally it’s back down to the 30-40 range where it should be. So my room is at a comfy 77.4° and a bit high on humidity at 57% since I just watered 3/4 gallon each and did foliar feed a gallon between all these ladies.

    I’m planning on doing a heavy prune and defoliation tomorrow / the day after. Which I am not looking forward to. Going to bring up the hand truck and wheel each one out into my kitchen and give every one a 10-15 minute prune/ defoliation. Really need to make sure I get the best possible yields. Here they are today. Seems the stretch wasn’t completely over because some put on a few more centimeters over their photo period[​IMG]

    Still praying to the HID gods though. Haven’t slept well in the last 2 nights because of high temps. I couldn’t close the door to the room and o had a box fan pushing the hot air out which was able to keep the room at 74-77 but closing the door had it up at 86 even with the AC blasting. Funny how outside air being 20-30° warmer makes the room 10° hotter. So tonight we will finally be able to get a full 8 hours.

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  19. Not gonna lie, I need to make things a little more stealthy. What I really need is a working deadbolt for this door. And some thinner weather stripping also MORE GORILLA TAPE!!!

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  20. What kind of yield? THC? GPM2?
    I'm growing Do Si Dos (new to garden) and Barney Farms LSD.
    The LSD is 25% or better plus they say 700 gpm2 but I'm pulled 2.495 lbs last cut with 3 of the qb288's and 4 qb120's in a 5x5 tent.
    I switched to Master Blend Combo and never looked back.
    Hundred bucks will last YOU I'd say a year and well worth it.
    I'll upload the MB feeding chart if you want.
    I'm looking at more yield but don't want to sacrifice quality, the LSD is not for the casual smoker and makes killer oil, butter, and infused sugar for ye coffee.

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