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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Merlin420, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. What don you think? Do you think that Marijuana is good to use as a spiritual ingredient for meditation?
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  3. It is my opinion that cannabis is, in fact, a spiritual herb, that may have been responsible for many of the more "visual" manifestations of the people in the old testament. I did my own soul searching on this, and tried, in meditation, to visit some desert travellers. My opinion is that my "quest" was to discover some sort of dietary "ergot" intake, via some grubs that might have been taken along for the trek in a bag of molding rye. Cannabis is also rumored to be the "incense" and the "anointment" for many ceremonies. In fact, recent neurotranmitter research concludes that "anandamide", the naturally occuring cannabinoid in our brains may be there to moderate excessive levels of dopamine. I'm sort of agreeing with certain writers, that perhaps in evolution, cannabis evolved with our own brains! Some writers postulate that early man might have synthesised much of the ferment of civilization and inventions that propelled us to "success" with the aid of this neurotranmitter "jump start". The question is, since cannabis does not increase dopamine levels dramatically, (which means it is not directly addictive), then the "suggestability" factor is more important than the drug itself to provoke changes in thought, behavior. Therefore, you clearly need to conceive of the specific direction and "help" which you seek, prior to dosing, and then keep that mantra with you always. If, for instance, you merely want to "avoid" or "withdraw" from tasks or issues, pot will help you to do just that. If you have a specific question for the sages (just making that up), then force your thoughts to go and stay on that subject. I personally try to use this substance as a MOTIVATOR for ideas and activities. If you keep that mantra, you can avoid the tendancy for demotivation syndrome which gives this a "bad" name. GOT MY DRIFT? SEEK CHRIST AND YE SHALL FIND HIM ALWAY.

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