The Green Green cupboard. 250 watt HPS. Bubba clones

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  1. Hi Guys

    Been reading this forum for a while and finally made the move into growing my own produce. Fond out allot from reading, but would love it if i could get some pointers along the way.

    The green cab is 2,5 foot wide, 3 foot high and 1.5 deep. The cab has a 250 watt hps. Three fans one on the plants, one on the light, and one out take 12inch fan. There is one smallish intake so another will have to be cut soon.

    Have two clones which both look ok, had three but unfortunately one did not root. one is very happy but one has browning on the tip of all the new leafs. Any help on what this could be would be very helpful.

    They are being watered with tap water and a ph tester is on its way but has not arrived this could be the problem with the leafs (wrong ph), or maybe the stress of being moved under a HPS.

    The temperatures in the box are around 30 degrees c, or for the americans around 85 f.

    Any comment on the setup and the leaf would be most handy. i am planing on completing this journal to the end.

    I will post picture in an hour, as need to study.

    And i would like to say thanks in advice for any help gc.
  2. Your temp is too high. You should try to be at about 75 Fahrenheit, 23 C?

  3. If they are clones, high temps high humidity, and a dome, until they get a strong root system. Then you can put them into production. It sounds like you put them into adult life to quickly.
  4. Hi thanks for the reply. I think this might have been the case. we bought them as clones they were rooted. I also check the ph and its above 7 which is way to high i think this is cause the brown marks. The temperature just under 30, trying to get it lower but need another intake i think.

    Here are photos, The plan is to do a scrog, I have two more seeds germateing as a backup. I thought they can be a bit behind but fill less off the screen.


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  5. Hi i got the temperture down. the seocnd one is stll not growing so much but the newish leaves are looking better. If i did put them under the light a bit fast should a shade it a bit.

  6. Hi update.

    The clones have been moved to there proper pots, and soil and have been water with very small levels of Plant magic old timer.

    The seeds have poked there head out, and are growing in the shade of the pots from direct light from the HPS. They are are stretching upward so i hope this will stop soon maybe get them closer to the light soon.

    The grow room temperature is now around 24 to 28 which is nice. The intake still need to be improve, hopefully this weekend.

    The seeds are purple haze and pineapple express as they were a present from a friend. When larger will be tranfer to 6.5 litre pots. The clones are in 11 litre

    Anyhelp would be helpful

    Cheers GC

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  7. Some Peng £10 a G but its nice.

    First is Critical mass, second is green poison.

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  8. here an update, the plant have had a good growth. Watering them with 2ml of ferts from today and more water as was just spraying them before.

    seeds are growing pretty slow and just transferred the other one into a 6.5 litre pot.

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  9. some more grizzle. 3.5 for 20 nicer looking than it smells.

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  10. Looking at the photos of your plants, it looks like they have been getting too much in the way of nutrients...."nute burn". Plants that size cannot have very much in nutrients until they build up some more roots. Feed them only water for 3 or 4 days, and then SLOWLY add nutes. The amount should not be over 600 PPM at this size.

  11. Cheers man, but this happened right at the start from just being clones. It was Just on these leafs and new growth is fine. Since I've started giving them the nutrients there's been no yellowing on the new leaves. I think they're ok on the nutrients, I was only giving them 1ml of nutrients until today.
  12. Hi

    Bit of an update, found a few spots on one off the leaves. Not sure looks as though its pests but not sure what?

    About the leaves should they be more flatten out it looks as though some are curled up, the temperature is about just under 30 the most of the time so i know it is a too hot, is the this the reason?

    The seedling looking happy. Going to build in the scrog this monday and still getting round to the other intake.

    Ph tester arrived and just needs calibrating.

    Any thoughts, looks like its going ok so far.

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  13. About the white spots, found a very small white lava/ cattapilla on one off the leaves, and found a few more marks like this.

    Any one know please!
  14. Theres also been a few flys around so could it be fungus nats.
  15. You better start spraying neem oil every other day to get rid of the pests.

  16. Cheers man, at the moment i covered the soil in cinnamon and perlite and put traps around the box for the pests. Also put potatoe on the surface so they lay bugs in this. If this doesn't help i have herd good thing about neem oil

    Thanks again
  17. Heres some photos, looks a bit crazy but hope it helps.

    In the picture the light has been moved back up, as the plant in the middle was suffering a bit from the heat as most of the leaves were pointing upwards.( well i think).

    Also was going to build a small carbon filter for the fan, does any know a good way of attaching one to a 120 pc fan. ( all i have seen is duck tape but i guess this may be the best option.

    Cool cheers GC.

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  18. If anyone know much about scrog do you think this is about right.

    from the soil to the tip of the hanger on max light hight, its 20inches. I was thinking about putting the screen about 6.5 inches off the soil. leaves 13.5 inches from the screen to tips of hanger will this be right?


  19. Green poison is what I'm gonna be flowering for the first time in a few weeks! How long did flowering go, 7 weeks as advertised?
  20. Would love to help you out but was bought off a friend, i dont know the flowering time, but i know its got some power and smell!

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