The Green Cupboard. Bubblicious clones. 250 watt HPS. First Timer.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Been reading this forum for a while and finally made the move into growing my own produce. Fond out allot from reading, but would love it if i could get some pointers along the way.

    The green cab is 2,5 foot wide, 3 foot high and 1.5 deep. The cab has a 250 watt hps. Three fans one on the plants, one on the light, and one out take 12inch fan. There is one smallish intake so another will have to be cut soon.

    Have two clones which both look ok, had three but unfortunately one did not root. one is very happy but one has browning on the tip of all the new leafs. Any help on what this could be would be very helpful.

    They are being watered with tap water and a ph tester is on its way but has not arrived this could be the problem with the leafs (wrong ph), or maybe the stress of being moved under a HPS.

    The temperatures in the box are around 30 degrees c, or for the americans around 85 f.

    Any comment on the setup and the leaf would be most handy. i am planing on completing this journal to the end.

    I will post picture in an hour, as need to study.

    And i would like to say thanks in advice for any help gc.
  2. Hi again every body.

    Here are some photos hope you like the setup! The picture are off the two plant. we plan to do a scrog to fill the cab. The plants are being transferred into a larger pots soon as they dry out very fast.

    The plant with LST (very gentle start) is very healthy. Bottom fan leaf a bit yellow but i herd clones get there energy from these. The other is a bit brown as seen in the photos.Is bent over as this is how it was cloned.

    Any help will be good.

    Thanks again,

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  3. uhhhhhh why did you make two threads
  4. Yeah thought it would be more suited for indoors grows, then couldn't delate this one.
  5. lol i like the cabinet i wanna do somethin similar. good luck

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