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the green and benzo's.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by i_Puff, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Im not a big fan of pills,but i dropped whats called a Nitrazapam pill after ripping a pipe,and it had hallucinogenic effects..I tripped full on.

    just wondering about other peoples experiences with mixing pills (not stimulants,Just depressants) with the good ol' green..

    Peace out!,Ipuff.
  2. I've never smoked benzos before, but yeah railing 2mg of xanax and smoking some herb is the best combination I have tried before. You just feel the shit.
  3. opiates+green=success
  4. Opiates big fella!,are we talkn oxycottin.
    i had 80 mgs of oxycottin + a pipey i was flyinggggggg.
    And yeah man u didnt smoke the benzo's i just chewed em up.
    but like ya sed! opiates + green = wwwwweeeeeeeeeee!:D:D
  5. Tramodol and weed has me nodding off and getting GEV's. And I have a tolerance to opiates and weed. It's beyond me how they get me so high.
  6. I heard ya! Good old tramadols!
    i popped 500mgs once and MAN was i ina a state of blissssssssssss.
  7. Ya im talking about opana40s and oc80s...the shit
  8. Pill fucking suck asss.

    People that SNORT pills are unimaginably stupid, I tried it wayy back and could not believe tha people do it to have fun!!!!!!!!!
  9. what happened?
  10. What do you mean what happend?

    I snorted a zanex bar and could not breath through my right nostril for 2 days, not to mention it tasted god awful..

    Its made into a pill for a reason, so you can swallow it, the effects will be the same.

    I have never been satisfied with pills, they turn you into a tard, incapable of making, counting, or keeping track of anything of importance especially $$. Try driving a car after taking 2 bars, shit 3 footballs will do it, Its just a waist of time, money, and the human body IMO
    Plus they EAT your organs up in record time, domt believe me?

    I had a friend DIE because of his pill habit...

    he was 23...

    If you need to get high in that bad of a way, smoke crack or somthing.

    Pills Kill
  11. I snorted opana's mainly...Opana has no oral bioavailability really
  12. Why stuff all that chit up your nose dude,

    I dont wanna fuss but you are on a fuckin slippery slope to shit city fucking with morphine and other poppy plant derivatives...
  13. Good thing i got ice skates!!!!!!!!
  14. i guess you wanna get there faster then, wanna borrow my .357?

    Did you comprehend the part where I lost a friend to this kind of stuff?

    I dont like it...
  15. Im not a big pill fan, 40 mg of Oxy and some green will make you fell good. Ill take Opium over oxy any day of the week. Notthing compares to smoking some Opium and weed mixed together.
  16. dont do it, it will be great but its bad cause afterwards i felt like crap i didnt even want to smoke again in a while. and DONOT SNORT it makes you feel like a complete idiot realising it sidnt do shit, and worst of all it seems like a drug addict in the making, for those that do care from experiece.

    medicated and typed one-handed cough skillz
  17. You SNORT because all pills especially benzo's & opiods have a coating so there released over time.If you break the gel coating,by chewing,snorting gets str8 into your system for a huge hit,knocks you right on your ass.but i do see were people come from i was ADDICTED to oxycottins.At the peak of it all it was about a 180mg hit,Which hospitalized me for a week,due to over sedation.But hey those motherfuckers make you feel like your king of the fucking universe!

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