The Greatest Tasting Substance/Food While High

Discussion in 'General' started by christian, May 26, 2009.

  1. Now i know that most people do not care what they eat when they are high but recently me and my friend have discovered that eating Rainbow Paddlepops is one of the best things to eat while high. I know your taste is enhanced while blazed but i want to find out what other things are that good to try while blazed. I put forward the idea of trying a rainbow paddlepop next time you decide to light up and hope others have beter tasting foods to let me know about!
    Also, off topic, i've realised that while i eat i often enjoy just the act of eating or drinking. Specifically one time i was drinking creaming soda and it wasn't so much the taste but the feeling of drinking that made me want to drink more. Weird? Try it next time, dont think about the taste but the feeling of drinking something. It'll blow your mind.
  2. Skittles. Hands down.

    This thread has surely been made before though...
  3. Block cheese with ginger snaps:smoking:

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