The Greatest Munch

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  1. i dont know if theres another thread like this, but ill post it anyway. Whats the greatest snack/ munch/ food youv ever made? or just the one you feel most proud of. between me and my friends theres always contrevecy on who makes the greatest munch.

    for me the greatest munch always seems to be something with lots of meat cheese and wraps. right now im makeing some mapple bacon (canadian) and planing to fry some wraps and cheese with bacon. ill post some pics as its created. gc rocks, keep tokin
  2. any kind of ice cream and just throw in what ever like brownies or cookies wat ever floats your boat but that my favorite munchie its so bangin.
  3. its not my own creation buttt...take away chinese food :D pee king ribs,sweet and sour chicken balls,won tons,duck with pancakes and the list goes on but this is my ultimate food
  4. There is already about 69 threads like this so kindly gtfo.
  5. [​IMG]

    :cool: Yeah its a grilled mac'n cheesewich.
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    Yo that looks like straight shit, my dog wouldn't eat that.

  7. Is it because it looks like your dog shit on it?
  8. anything with bacon and that jack daniels sawwwwce!!!!!
  9. 1) Make a peanut butter sandwich
    2) Microwave peanut butter sandwich for 35 seconds
    3) Put raisin bran on sandwich
    4) orgasm
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    moar bacon

  11. But he has no problem with the peanut butter off your balls?

    Also, this is a thread about munchies so unless you are eating your dog gtfo with comments like that. ;)
  12. Dude, the raison bran sandwich wtf?
    Man, I'd easily have to say
    Hot dog buns filled with cheese and put in a sandwich grill press
    Grilled cheese hot dog buns, but the buns toast really nice. and an amazing flavor not like break
    And just add ketchup. and <3
  13. thats so canadian bro
    wish i had some kd in my cupboard so i could copy
  14. yeah sorry i didnt post any pictures... i forgot to take any, but im makeing jalipinio wraps so ill try to get pics up but my camra is messed up, ill try taking webcam pic of it
  15. so im gonna cook bacon, then put it in wraps

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    so i just started cooking it :bongin:

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  18. heres my wraps and cheese

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  19. bacon cooks slow... its like a turtle, it takes its time in life

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