The Great Unknown

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  1. Everything is unknown, think about it. What you consider to be yourself can never be fully revealed to be what it actually is. It seems a lot like we are all trying to make sense of nothing, which inevitably could not be made any sense of because in its essence, is beyond sense. The only thing that has any tangibility to what is known, what is being revealed, is this moment. We can only know this moment, only this very one moment. Everything else is simply unknown. Imagination works its wonders in the unknown, but since when did imagination have any tangibility to what is? No matter how much you get to know someone, you can and never will know them. This is because there is simply either no one there to know or the person that is there is beyond knowing. Awareness stretches deep, but never deep enough. Mystery is making sense. Communication is the spread of information. Information is endless, no true absolute source. Language can never begin to explain what is going on beneath the surface, it can only point. I've developed this 7th sense or whatnot, but all I see in people now is fakeness. What are these people abstracting? Why do we choose to fake rather than reveal our true natures? Can our true natures be revealed? What is our true nature? Do we even know..or better can we even know?

    What is it that we mean? What are we even intending to mean? What is your message? What are you trying to convey and what is it that you want to be conveyed? What do you want to be, and what are you?

    I guess the question I came here today with was, what are you doing to make sense of all of this? How are you contributing to this overwhelming amount of information? Are you piecing it all together, or are you remaining humbly ignorant? Are you paying close attention or are you distracted by desire?

    How are you helping?
  2. Wow man. You fucking make me think haha. And I dig your avatar btw....

    I just know I want to attempt to know as much as I can, piecing it together seems unnecessary, but like, just to try to experience as much as humanly possible for whatever is in the now, and help where I can, but at the same time, It's hard to know what "good" is.
    I mean...if it's a dream let it be the reality of thing's I think there is way more option for personal agency over ones psyche/mind physical self, etc....I've seen it happen too many times, from internal and external "force", to think it's not least for me.
    The most I will know is what I think I know, and I can make that whatever the fuck I want. I just wish other people knew this.....Like I can't tell you how many people I know who don't even understand that they can choose, they can actually mold, themselves to react in any way they so choose that they understand....or don't, but just feel...or "know".

    or do absolutely nothing.
    endless possibilities.
    It's depressing to think there would be any kind of limit on anything when there isn't? I guess that depends on what "limit" is for an individual though....hmmmmm

    the gears are still goin man
  3. Fucking rad.
  4. Then what of the past? Do you not retain information you have already experienced? What do you consider experience if not something you have been through and learned already? I disagree that we only know the now. We also carry with us our pasts, which often sculpt our beliefs, which certainly form what we think we know.

    All that we know is that we do not know. The very essence of the unknown is that which we do not yet understand.

    I am making sense by absorbing as much information as I can in my life. The quest for knowledge at once fulfills me and whets my appetite for more. I am contributing by disseminating facts and unbiased information as often as possible. I share my experiences and what I've learned with those who will listen.

    By nature I fit pieces into a cohesive whole. Even if that picture is incomplete, it is more accurate than the alternative, which is nothing. I clutch humility and effortlessly remain ignorant by realizing I will never know everything I want to know. I will always be ignorant. And I will always try to focus, though distractions, desires, temptations, and impulses will remain hardwired in my biology.

    And you?
  5. the great unknown is there for a reason, nothing is without reason whether it be logical to you or not

    without the unknown what would progression be? it wouldn't exist.

    the point of universes is change, potential of everything, it seems very vast i know but so is all of THIS

    just a vastness of more vastness

    new is key, the next thing is what we should focus on, i have now come to believe this is what every things purpose is, to create new

    we are creators in and out of our mind, theres no such thing as unknown, just undiscovered, unknown has to do with knowledge which is subjective which pertains only to this planet while still considering this universe

    the universe makes me laugh when i think about it

    cuz it happens all the time, i love to imagine the universe expanding and contracting within 2 seconds, almost like an atom coming into and out of existence structuring another world of creators and existence in another dimension

    once understood theres no going back, information cannot be lost, let us move forward, i used to dwell on so many things, and now i come to understand that comprehension is my own subjective view, all of our subjective views, so i put my mind towards the next potentiality, simply for the sake of it. i believe ive run some tangents within this post and i do apologize though more to discuss :)
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    I guess there is no denying that. Is what we learn, ie our "lessons", something we know or something we begin to believe, ie have faith in?

    Understand, or at least realize.

    Sounds like an addiction man, is information really what 'you' need? What if I were to tell you that everything you could possibly ever want you already have? That the search is over because the very thing you were searching for has always been with you.

    Good for you [​IMG]

    You begin to learn once you know that you do not know. A journey is brought forth through this knowing, a true sense of spirit and genuity. Keep it up!

    I do what I can, I surrender and allow the ebb and flow of life take me to where it wants me to be. I don't try to help, what greater good could you do?

    Nonsense, reason this one to me please.

    Progression further into the unknown? I like it. :)

    The universe has a point? Are points not a human conceptualization of what is?

    Within the great vastness. Layers and layers until you hit the essence, there the beauty lies.

    Novelty is becoming more novel as we progress further into the unknown. Everything is occuring for the first time. Deeply scrutinize the moment through fixed and undivided awareness and you will see. ;)

    What mind? Unknown is everything, even beyond the universe and beyond 'ourselves'. Agree?

    A cosmic joke?


    Move foward in circles? What is beyond "subjective" and "objective"? Why conceptualize things that separate the what is?

    Look deep within and 'you' will see.
  7. I'm silently observing, that's all. :)
  8. That's why there are observers and asserters; Listeners and speakers; Thinkers and actors. :)
  9. to the OP. sometimes i really do wish i could be my real true self when around other people but it seems that im in some way different when im with friends people or family. idk why i really dont but i need to really work on being me true self from now on.
  10. !!! Emphasis on this !!!

    Work on yourself before working on others, for you can only free yourself. Not to mention, there is always more to improve on when working on yourself. :hello:
  11. I observe and analyze everything, applying every possible question i can to it and accepting all the possible answers to make sense of it. What i have gained so far is nothing but more questions. :confused: Its like playing the lottery i think .The more questions we ask the better chance of finding an answer. Conclusions are absolutely ignorant. There is not a single statement that can be made as fact. Is the grass green and are circles round? Somebody seems to think so. There are no facts, only big scientists with their little experiments. If reality is an illusion than what have we made sense of? *Poof*

  12. I dig this.
  13. i always find myself asking why do we need to find so many "answers". what im saying is why cant things be the way they just are, why do we as a people always need to "know" why something is the way it is. i hope this makes sense :eek:
  14. Life is so intangible, no one can understand things spot on, because once you think you have it, it disappears. No one can describe the experiences that have been experienced by anyone or anything. Making sense of logic and making it work, is hard knowing there is always flaws, and nothing is really spot on. How are we able to express anything when life is nothing but harmonious complex music, as something we can all sit and appreciate. Things happen that are beyond our comprehension, we can sit and try to make some type of order out of this chaos, but we just got to accept, that the chaos is just chaos, and we can either let it go around us, or join in on it. And accepting things for the way they are, you have found the ultimate achievement, well maybe it's that way to me, not sure about everyone else. lol

  15. Greatness comes from the tip of your fingertips.

    Chaos only appears as chaos because we are emerged in it. If we took a step back outside of it all, we would realize there is no order and there is no chaos.

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