the great stoned ideas thread

Discussion in 'General' started by agent0064life, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I had a real good idea to make a 360 degree video camera where you would be in the middle of the action and you could basically look around the "movie" or whatever medium the video would end up in. Would be a great hit for video games I bet.

    Like it would be an orb or something maybe look a bit like a teslacoil or something.


    Remove the two handle bar things on the side and that's the basic shape... so there's enough cameras in that orb that can make a perfect world around you and there would be some type of software that communicates the cameras all together to form a giant 3d world...

    I got the idea when thinking about google street cars and how they do the 360 picture... well what if that escaled to video just think of the new craze that it would make.

    Now I know you're all saying "dude you wasted a good idea now you get no money or w/e"

    I know I wouldn't take action on this so I'm not going to be greedy, I just want to be able to watch a special edition of 300 one day where I'll be able to look at Leonidus in front of me then turn around to watch the spear he hurls graze across Zerxes lip and ear. That is what I want.

    So post your really good stoned ideas here since you won't act on them anyways.
  2. Better get a patent before someone jacks your idea.
  3. too late.
    i'm already rich.
  4. ahah yesterday me and my gf were hangin out in the park and i got bit by a misqueto and was like "OW!" and she was like "misqueto?" and i said "nah, that was cupid baby" and then just started to crack up.... i wouldve never thought of that if i was sober ahah
  5. i think this has already been done. I recall maybe 15-20 years ago when I went to DisneyWorld they had a screen that you were talking about. the audience kind of stood in the middle of the room and the audio/video was all around you. was pretty neat.
  6. I once made chili without meat. Tomato paste, refried beans, pieces of bread, various spices, other random crap. Mixed it all together and heated it up, it wasn't half bad.
  7. i got such a great idea. In california i want to make a coffee shop that you can smoke in like in amsterdam, but its only for people with those medical cards and they could just chill in there and smoke weed.

    and another idea that i got when i was stoned was a scratch and sniff weed book.
  8. i'm pretty sure they have a bunch of those and they get regularly raided by feds

  9. oo well i go with my second idea then
  10. haha when I'm high I'm always thinking about time travel and how to invent a time travel machine. So far im stumped..
  11. Well if you could cryogenically freeze yourself in an atomic bomb-proof area where you would be preserved like futurama you could create a one way ticket to the future since you don't have a sense of time when you're asleep... it would be like going to sleep then waking up the next morning except 1000 years later.
  12. lmao.
  13. greatest stoned idea ever:

    friend 1: let's pack another bowl.

    friend 2: (response is irrelevant)
  14. lol ive had that idea before, just i never could imagine how that works, it just seems impossible, cuz it would have to be multiple cameras, or could it be 1 ? argh my head, try to imagine a camera that takes a 360 view picture. Another idea i had is selling plastic bowls of cereals, with milk attached to it.

  15. Have you ever seen the street view of google earth? You can pan around the whole 360 degree area... so it would be basically that camera design except video.

    Also add a feature that enables you to look up as well and down a little bit.

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