The Great Stem Conspiracy - When to cure and what you'll get

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    Well, the title of this post explains it all... This is the great stem conspiracy... If you've been growing a while, you've probably noticed that over the few past years this advice has been going around more and more.

    Please feel free to criticize and add your input:D

    The conspiracy is this:
    When your stems snap, it's time to cure.

    This annoys me to no end when I read this, on another thread, someone even thought I had mixed it up when I advised curing before the stems snap. My point is this, if you're an experienced grower, you know that the stems do not have to snap before you cure... And in my opinion, this is over drying the herb.

    This is my howto on how to end up with the results you're looking for.

    The stem, in my opinion, is the best way to check the bud for overall dryness and there are 3 main levels to stem dryness: Bendable, Crispy and Snapable.... These are just general levels, you'll probably find your favorite somewhere in between two.

    How to tell:

    When the stem only folds and creases the stem and doesn't cause very much damage to the stem itself.
    What this will get you:
    I wouldn't recommend curing at this point, I've seen it done, but this is mostly by impatient growers who want their bud now. This typically leads to a bud that has a harsh smoke because the chlorophyll haven't broken down sufficiently... Also if there's too much moisture in the bud there's a higher chance for mold.

    Crispy(Pothead's favorite):
    How to tell:
    This is when you can bend the stem, but as it folds, the stem will kind of split at the sides and the thing makes a light crunching noise... Sometimes the stem's fibers will splinter a bit kinda like when you snap a popsicle stick.
    What this will get you:
    Once this bud has cured, you will be left with fresh smelling, somewhat spongy, sticky bud. This weed will typically burn nice and slow, but not be hard to keep lit(as long as the weed was properly flushed)... This weed will have a "fresher" appearance and much more fragrance than weed than has been dried more, in my opinion.


    How to tell:
    Stems snap when you try to bend them.
    What this will get you:
    This bud is usually over dried and will typically end up being very dry/hard weed that smokes very quickly(sometimes very rough too) and lacks in flavor. I believe most people choose this as the primary indicator for drying bud because it's fairly idiot proof.

    The last most crucial step is this: experiment... Find the bud that you like the most, then dry it that way... If your selling the crop, try to get feed back on your crop.

    Well, there it is, I hope this helps the City and helps moves some harvests from mids to dank.:smoking:

    P.S. If you really want to cure your buds fast, and have them be a nice(smooth) smoke, look into water curing... These buds will have very little smell when smoked, this is nice for public smoking;)
  2. I believe the Idea is when the stem makes the "snap" sound or feel is the idea... It doesn't necessarily have too snap in specific way just a general snap... Shit I'm not making sense.. It all varies, it is best to find what works..
  3. Lol, funny you should say that, I just added a bit about experimenting :p

    Also, I think you're right, but many people have taken it to literally.... My goal is to help clear up some of the confusion a new grower might have.
  4. I think it was in DJ Shorts book that I read first when I was younger about that.. And I wanted too take it too literally, but when I harvested, I decided too do it my way... And I was lucky cause I almost over dried them and I cured early. But really a longer cure is where it is all at and where it really matters... Pull them early I say till you learn, because you are always supposed to air out the jars for a while.. Daily, So you have that control.. I think it is a lot harder to bring moisture back
  5. Yup, opening the jars daily is recommended for the first month.... A good cure is typically 2 months from what I've seen.

    Ya, when most people read snap, I think they usually take that as "snaps in two"... Hence my use of the term "crunching noise".
  6. I wish I lived in Canada.
  7. Hey Crazy-P. I agree with you one hundred percent. The reason, though, that a snapping stem is recommended is because--like you say--it's idiot proof. If you jar your nugs when the stem is in the "crispy" stage (as I do) and don't burp them and air them daily for at least the first several weeks, it's going to mold for sure. You and I both know there are some half assed growers out there that wouldn't even have a crop if it weren't for sheer luck. To do something every day like clockwork for 3 to 5 weeks is an impossibility to them. If the stems snap, often you can get away with only burping every few days if you happen to have brain damage and forget.
  8. Thanks for clarifying on when to start curing. Im on my first grow and was worried about drying my buds too much.
  9. well ive got a question. i took some tester buds from my plant and let them dry out a little. the stems still bent but i decided to start curing them. it has been about 5 days and they still smell like hay (i heard it will last for another week or so). my question is: since i didnt dry as long, what will the buds be like? will they be better like this because i didnt really dry much, or will it make it worse?
  10. They'll be better, because the idea is to dry them as slowly as possible without allowing them to mold. After about a week the hay smell will start to die back and you should start smelling the ganjaroma. I'd let them cure 2 weeks minimum just to get the harshness to mellow a bit, but realistically you should leave them a minimum of a month if you're looking for flavor IMHO.
  11. hmm, I should check this thread a bit more :p

    But it seems like dankohzee has been giving out the right advice without me being here :p... Nice to see that another grower shares my views on stems.

    But I'll just add that with certain strains the hay smell can take up to about 2 and a half weeks to disappear, I think the reason for this is the chlorophyll and other nasty components breaking down... I've also found that weed that is a darker green tends to take longer, so that kinda supports what I think, but I can't say for sure

    Also, the best cure starts with a good flush ;)
  12. thanks for posting this information. This will be great for the couple weeks ahead. :hello:
  13. Old but great thread. I think this info will help out a lot of harvesters out at this time of the year.

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