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The Great Province of Canaba

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Montrealstoneer, May 11, 2010.

  1. ok guys so this is a idea i got. what if BC got independence from canada and named their new country canaba and canada would agree to this only if canaba gave some percent of its marijuana income to canada so they could remain independent . if this happened the GDP of BC would sky rocket . and there would be no recession there . cause thing about it most americans and canadians fly ALL the way to amsterdam now if BC was they would make more money because its closer and on the west coast . this is just an idea.

    fuck all the fuckers
  2. 11/10 idea i agree with this whole post.

    especially the fuck all the fuckers part lol
  3. thnx man when i told my freinds this they were like dude is weed all u think about to which i repley i cant thing of anything else worth thinking of in this world exept weed
  4. As a fellow montrealer you'd know that Quebec is a lot more likely to break off from Canada then BC, and we've got great bud here too :) The fleur-de-lis can be converted to a canabis leaf without too much trouble also.
  5. yo im new to montreal but ya in the last 2 months ive been here i figured that out . idk what the french thing u said ment . dude wereabouts in montreal do u live . im near mcgill uni
  6. lol +rep great idea.
  7. The fleur-de-lis on the quebec flag can be replaced with a weed leaf :)


    I work really close to there but I live in the west island.
  8. oh ya i call those the french signs . yo friday me and a ton of our friends like 25 are going to the mont to smoke up any bodys invited if u want to come shoot me a PM
  9. What are you all waiting for? Call Canada's government. Call the press. Something!!!!!

  10. i called the primenister there comin over
  11. Montrealsmoker, were you there at the 4/20 at Mont-royal
    Man, that was truly awesome, hope you were there
  12. ya i was me and my freinds rolled a 6G joint
  13. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but you have to be high.
  14. bump!!!!!!!!!!!!

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