The great Osama Bin Laden Contest

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. This is a photo taken of the family Bin Laden on holiday in Sweden in the early seventies. Young Osama is also in this picture. Guess who's the one and receive eternal fame in the grasscity community :)

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  2. Seems like they were havin a better time in the '70s than I was. Is that their pink pimpmobile?
    I think it's #4-in the front kneeling.
  3. Hahaha holy shit that is a huge family!!!
    I would love to think Osama's the stud in the purple jumpsuit with the big black shades ~ incognito even @ this age...
    Is that him??
  4. is he the one in the car get some ,and thats why their all lol
  5. tan caot far right!
  6. How do all of them get into that car?? How big is their hotel bill? How much $ do you think they spend for one meal at McDonald's? I can't fathom having that large of a family (my extended family MAYBE is this large)..
    So many questions..
  7. Answer : Green sweater, blue pants, second from the right.

    When do I get my prize.

  8. I think it is the boy in the red pants and green sweater on top of the car. What a smile!!!
  9. their father diea of cancer!smileing
  10. is that car a 66 lincon?i got to get me one of them if he was get it that offten!
  11. no its got to be a caty 70 or 71 fleet or eldo!
  12. heheh hey nate I think you're right! now that I look, that smile does look alot like the present-day Osama bin Laden's smile... hmmm!!!

    and rainman, I think you'd be pimpin' in that car, even if it is pink! :) not sure what model/year it is though, i'm clueless on cars
  13. If the picture is from the early seventies, them Osama would be in his mid to late twenties in the pic.

    I agree with Tazz, far right in the tan coat. Also h's the only one with facial hair, alreday working on the beard.
  14. third from the right ( my right facing thre screen.)
    I think it is the right eyes
    blue jacket and red check shirt

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