The Great GC Artist Compilation Project

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Palmer Eldritch, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. hey i've got an idea, I hope others think it'll have merit as well.

    I saw a few weeks ago a thread on which Chrysamere and br3ad tried to do collaborative wallpapers at the forum readers request.
    I thought this was a good idea but it would never be successful. I've been thinking about asking certain members if they would be
    interested in a combined project but i didn't want to disclude people. That got me thinking that we should have an open project where
    anyone who wanted to help would be welcome regardless of talent level. So what I've come up with is this:

    ====================--------------Grass City Artist Collaboration Project--------------====================

    I. Objective
    a. To create a collaborative art project using the talents of all Grass City Members
    b. The canvas will consist of 54 200x200 pixel squares; 1800x1200 total pixels
    c. Themes may be chosen on later projects

    II. Rules
    a. Each WEEK starts on Mondays and ends on the following Monday
    b. Each forum member may choose any one available square anytime during the WEEK but must be finished by the following Monday
    c. Each forum member may call only one square per week
    d. If a selected square is not finished by the following Monday it becomes available for anyone else to call.
    e. Once a piece is finished, please PM the work to me and I'll update the community piece every Monday with all the new work.

    III. Suggestions
    a. You may draw what ever you wish in your square but it is recommended that you leave the composition open ended so it may be added to by other members who may pick an adjacent square.
    b. You should work on your square with a graphics program like Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Gimp, Paint (if you need to) but all 2d work including photography and hand drawn images scanned into the computer will be accepted.

    This is WEEK 5 [4/17/06-4/24/06]

    Chosen Squares: 16,31,46
    Finished Squares:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,15,18,19,22,24,25,30,38,41,43,42,48,49,50,54

    I choose square 15

    Here is our canvas:
    this is the full resolution file

    This is the 200x200 pixel template that you should draw on:

    sign your cheeba smoking asses up
  2. too early to call square 13?
  3. nope not at all, pick anyone you want, just not one that has already been called (mine) :p
  4. then 13 it is... shall i wait for yours to be completed before i star? i think i will...maybe just extend what you begin a little...but i don't necessarily want to force 14 into having to dominate their portion with what you do... what do you recommend?
  5. heh well since this is the first week and I shortsightedly did not offer a theme to the piece, you and anyone else who joins right now, are on their own to come up with a design or concept. Don't worry what it is, its real easy to incorporate things together. Unless I get a lot of people joining, I'll update the whole piece only once a week.

    If anyone wants a frame work of an overall theme, let them speak.
  6. I'll deff. take part in this
    but do people "reserve" their number right now or have to wait till an open week?
  7. It started when this thread was posted. This will be WEEK 1

    WEEK 1 started on March 20th, it will end on March 27th
    WEEK 2 will start on March 27 and ends on April 3rd

    Each person will choose 1 square a week by posting it in this thread at anytime during that week. First come first serve. It must be done by the deadline. Obviously it will be easier to finish if you apply early in the week, but it isn't really such a large area that it couldn't be done quickly either.

    The reasoning behind the creation of weeks was that it would slow the creation process down and allow us to build off each others work to create a whole piece of art instead of just a collage of separate pieces. You'll want that particular square next to the one that someone else made and you thought was really cool. It does make it more complicated but i think it'd give good results.
  8. Cool idea, I'll take 2
  9. shottie on #24
  10. i want number 11, when is my week? lol somone hit me a pm on when to start haha ill forget, damn pot
  11. I'm not jumping in to participate. I just wanted to say that this looks like a cool idea! Good luck with it and have fun!!! :D
  12. 22.

    could it be done using photos or strictly using the tools on ps?

    any theme decided or can it just be a random design?
  13. i think it'd look better if it were all drawn, but you may use photos if you wish.

    I think this first one will be completely random. Maybe a theme will emerge (other than smoking which is certain to be prevalent).
  14. WERD to this idea, ill take 1:smoke:
  15. this is a chill idea ill take 48.
  16. I'll take square number 3, So I could draw it or do I have to use PS.?
  17. you may. The only real requirements is that it must fit into the 200x200p squares and that you can send it to me.
  18. trying To Figure Out What You Have In Mind If Either Of These Are Close You Can Stick One In My Square (22)

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  19. well this is my piece, whatever one you think looks better you can choose to go in my square...square 1...there basically the same thing except for the difference in colours of outlines on text (live easy part)...hope i did good:rolleyes:

    EDIT:OMG, forget those two i fucked up with the width and height...i set mine to 220x200 so its i have to start againnnnnn

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  20. OK....i JUST finished editing and changing sizes...i think this one looks better anyways, but here it is...hope you like:D

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