The Great Debate - Removing leaves

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  1. I know this in one of the items still up for debate even among the most experienced growers on here so when it comes to removing leaves during flowering:

    • Never remove a leaf from a flowering plant
    • Remove only the dead and yellowing leaves to prevent disease
    • Remove all of the leaves that block bud sites and hinder air flow through the plant
    • Remove all of the leaves we're growing buds not leaves

  2. Honestly its a case by case basis for me...I always remove yellow leaves or leaves attacked heavily by bugs...but also if the plant is a huge bush I'll remove tiny branches and most of the veg that's inside the help with air flow and light penetration...
  3. after going over some threads here ive begun removing large fan leaves that dont get too much light anyways...

    i also remove the youngest leaves from the "bottom" of the plant (i LST, so they also dont receive much light and rot anyway, i understand removing them increases airflow and reduces humidity)
  4. Totally and completely strain dependant for me...

    My Top 44 has such ridiculous internode spacing that I cut all the large fan leaves off the MAIN stalk just to get light to the inner branches. Otherwise they grow puny and are worthless...

    On the other hand, my blueberry, I remove ZERO leaves, as well as my pineapple express...

    So for me, depends on the strain. All strains need different things IMHO
  5. sorry to interrupt but did you get that express seed from a bank?
    get back at me i want some :smoking:

  6. mostly this . but sometimes a may remove a leaf if it is totally blocking light from a bud.
  7. Always good when everyone agrees :)
  8. Kind of a loaded question ! But I agree with some of the responses , Its situational , and strain dependent . Sometimes I will clip healthy fan leaves if It clearly is laying on a nice bud site and blocking , though the same thing can be achieved by tucking the fans. And I always clip dead/dieing leaves for reasons already mentioned ! :):cool:
  9. I am glad there are so many votes on here. Only one vote separating the leaders, it looks like it could go either way, with many well respected growers on both sides.

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