The Great(completely debatable) Northeast.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ragga, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I'm a middle aged Dad from the Northeastern U.S.

    Been enjoying for 23 or so years.
    I think the attitude towards our culture, if you want to call it that, is ever so slowly changing but changing none the less.
    we as smokers have an opportunity to shape that change.

    the cheech & chong, Jeff Spicoli view of stoners as lazy underachievers with no brains or vocabulary needs to change in my opinion.
    dont know about you but that hardly reflects myself or my peers.
    we've gotta loose that perception and be seen for who we really are...

    the majority of "stoners" that I know are, well educated responsible adults that raise families, own businesses or have very good careers.
    They're socially involved and contribute to the greater good.

    I would love to see the day (hopefully in my lifetime) where you're able to go to an establishment in your local neighborhood or major city and pull up a chair, enjoy a smoke, some good food and conversation, very similar to what presently goes on in bars night after night. only BETTER. :)

    I also want to see pot decriminalize and not legalized!
    In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM do I want ANY new taxes!

    We should be allowed to use/possess/grow(in sm.qty) FREELY and without fear of prosecution or taxation.
    personally, I'm not willing to make that trade-off of "we'll let you tax it if you let us have it"
    the government has more than enough of our tit in her mouth as it is!

    Ok, I'll shut-up now but thats kinda where I'm at ;)

  2. Welcome to the city man. Whereabouts in the northeast are you? southern NH here.
  3. Hey LZ, thanks for the welcome.
    I'm not far from NYC or Philly

    there's a shit ton of information here and what seems to be a great group of people. its a nice change but then again "if everyone smoked the world would be a better place" right? :smoke:

    thanks again..
  4. Ragga!

    ...sorry thats just what I'd say out loud if I was welcoming you to GC
  5. lemme guess, central nj. welcome from a fellow noob/old man smoker ^^
  6. I am with ya on the perception here fella. I don't consider myself a lazy bum stoner as I use it for enhancing all my activities (wherever possible init). 'specially the creative stuff. The time will come... It will come.. but we got to all work to get there. And not let politicians use it as a FUD tool for winning elections, eh?

    hope to see you around- I'm new myself.. greetings from the UK.

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