The Great Awakening: A precedent to Spiritual Socialism

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    Allright, this is just my opinion as well as many other peoples, but take into account that it is just an opinion. There is definitely evidence of an unknown presence being the sole entity responsible for every conflict we find ourselves in, but seeing as the "secret state" is, well, "secret" we can only hypothesize here. It is my belief that the series of conflicts leading up to worldwide dissent could only completely reverse the status quo in the coming years: The situation going from shitty to pretty could only mean the implementation of a system of Spiritual Socialism.

    So let's start by bringing up the old argument that our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if their corpses could comprehend the situation that is unfolding in the country they worked so hard to build. There are many things wrong with this statement: The big names we all know were NOT the only party involved in the creation of the greatest sovereign Nation ever devised, but rather the majority as a whole (keep in mind that a good number of people living in North America at the time were dependent on England) paved the way to freedom with their blood so that sovereignty could be achieved. This is just one example of how we overlook the combined efforts of the petty man and focus on sole entity(ies) instead.

    Now let us move on to the current situation. In the early 1900's until after the nuclear crisis, an old saying "leave it to beaver" was the mindset of every American. Ignorance is bliss, leave it to the big folk. This way of thinking, I believe, helped establish a system directly under our noses that could operate without the consent of the people. What would you think during that time if the President was having constant affairs with the First Lady, funneling tax payer dime into the wealthy and powerful classes pockets without your consent? You wouldn't know! Leave it to beaver, they said. People that could determine how you lived and operated, people that had that immense amount of power, were believed to be just like you and me, that they had a right to just as much privacy as you and me.

    So what has become of that "position?" That prestigious title of leader of the USA? How could we know after 3 generations of the corruption of said position? We live in the baby booming era, so majority vote on a poorly worded initiative or bill with different intentions as to which is directly stated towards the people during an era of VERY different thinking could have killed the issue of complete transparency.

    Moving on to the past events on present events:

    US Middle East conflict; The issue that seemed to fall solely on Bush's and Obama's shoulders:

    • Can be traced back to World War II. Britain and its allies were one of our strongest assets in Armed Conflict during the period. Britain is known for the mandate in Palestine. As in most of the Arab world, there was no unanimity amongst the Palestinian Arabs as to their position regarding the combatants in WWII. Many signed up for the British army, but others saw an Axis victory as their best hope of gaining independence for Palestine. Some of the leadership went further, especially the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini (by then expelled from Palestine), who on November 25, 1941, formally declared jihad against the Allied Powers.

      So we can deduct from this that either:

      a: This was a stepping stone towards the removal of Theocracy, and the placement of Modern Global Idealogical Structured Governments.

      b: That Haj Amin Al-Husseini (what a mouthful) is an example of a scapegoat used to justify unwarranted armed conflict to achieve implementation of Government(s) stated above.

    Moving on...

    • Iran Crisis of 1946: The Iran crisis of 1946, also known as the Iran-Azerbaijan Crisis, followed the end of World War II and stemmed from the Soviet Union's refusal to relinquish occupied Iranian territory, despite repeated assurances. In 1941 Iran had been jointly invaded and occupied by the Allied powers of Soviet Red Army in the north and by the British in the center and south; Iran was used as a transportation route to provide vital supplies to the Soviet allies during the War. The Allies (United States, United Kingdom and Soviet Union) had agreed to withdraw from Iran six months after the end of hostilities, but when this deadline came in early 1946, the Soviets under Joseph Stalin remained in Iran and local pro-Soviet Iranians proclaimed a separatist People's Republic of Azerbaijan. Negotiation by Iranian premier Ahmad Qavam and diplomatic pressure on the Soviets by the United States led to Soviet withdrawal. The crisis is seen as one of the early conflicts in the growing Cold War at the time. Can't make nukes without oil.

    • Cold War: No explanation needed. The end of the cold war was the end of US military competition. This "free reign" makes it all that much easier for the US to move around the world to accomplish its political goals.

    • Gulf War: With the Soviet threat almost finished, the US effectively choked off all aid to ensure its destruction. For many years Iran has waged war against Iraq, crippling its military capabilities and cracking the foundation of the Government. In its weak state, and no Superpower capable of intervening, the US continued waiting for a reason to go to war. US demand for cheap oil was an economic issue for Iraq as they were bankrupt. What ensued was the bombing of Kuwait, a country responsible for the cheap prices of oil at the time, ensuring that prices would be drove up if the conflict continued. You think that backing the United States and its allies into a corner is a smart move? Think again; A refusal to vacate the land by the Iraqi government resulted in a prompt bitch slap from America and friends.

      Note: The events of the Gulf war led to uprisings within the Iraqi populations as well as the Terrorist group Al Qaeda gaining notoriety and subsequently being used as a tool to justify US military intervention around the globe.

    • Operation Desert Fox: The precedent to the world famous Bush quote: "There is evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq." What is truly humorous about this situation is that the campaign codenamed "Operation Desert Fox" was justified by the SAME claims of supposed "WMD" production, that as Bush so smartly put it:


      Yes. We got fooled again. Needless to say, we didn't find any then or in the future 10 year long campaign that succeeded it.

    • Post 9/11 and Aftermath - The Long Stretch: "Be vigilant, take notice of your surroundings, and report suspicious items or activities to local authorities immediately." A scary advisory put out by the DHS is a bigger statement than a majority of Americans realize. When we as a whole some day take into account the severity of this statement seriously, it will go down in history as one of the many fear tactics used to persuade the American Populace to willingly relinquish their most basic freedoms and the beginning of an awakening in an "Era of Error." Not only did the Government we rely on and helped establish fail to preserve the security we work for united as Americans - Not only did the Government destroy a majority of credibility it had in the worlds eyes for the sake of preserving the security of the Wealthy at the expense of the Nations hardest working and least well off people - Not only did the Government propagate these fears to the point beyond the scope of which the entity itself failed to contain, so that the majority of American are regurgitated this trash heap of lies so much that we become "dependent" on the same entity that would take advantage of this dependence, thusly, creating the stepping stone for the relinquishment of freedom for the price of security that the SAME entity failed to provide for. Who suffers most from this? The man that lives paycheck to paycheck, busting his back for that minuscule amount of pay while the well known big wig swings his golf club for 3 hours in the company of some of the most prestigious and well established individuals, succeeded by a flight in the big wigs private jet to another eventful meeting with "business partners," while the honest worker goes home worried about the increasing debt in the country as well as food prices, oil prices, and other living expenses.

      Conclusion: It is my belief that these series of conflicts in the Middle East are the very beginning of a revolution. The awakening of the man and woman. The realization that "capital" vs "contribution" is a big disparity. The 360 from death and destruction to dedication, commitment, contribution, charity, and unification is an awakening of spiritual sorts: Socialism.

      Good night G city.

  2. our oil problems started way before obama or even bush. They started the moment we got oil from the middle east. Imo.
  3. "Wherever there is interest and power to do wrong, wrong will generally be done." -James Madison

    Backup to WWI because our interventionism in it, and resulting Treaty of Versailles likely led to the rise of the Nazi party and WWII.

    And who can we thank for our involvement in WWI? The guy you quote in your signature, that old devil - Woodrow Wilson. He gave us many wonderful programs including but not limited to, the Federal Reserve Act that created the Federal Reserve System, and the Revenue Act of 1913 which allowed for a federal income tax.

    ISS is the Intercollegiate Socialist Society.
  4. the Grand Mufti Husseini was a Nazi, no doubt about it. While he declared Jihad against the Allies, he also separately allied with Hitler during WWII and later led the unified Arabs in an effort to finish off the Jewish Holocaust against the Jews of Israel/Palestine.
  5. I think a valid point would be, we can't blame Obama, but blame the damn Republicans that won't let him do anything as President. Ever since he took office they voted against anything he tried to do, just because they want him to be a "one-term President", it's complete B.S. and there's just no geting away from it.:mad:
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    I'm pretty sure, I'll have to check the archives...but I'm pretty sure Obama came into office with Democrats controlling the Legislative Branch (House of Representatives & Senate) and he, as a Democrat, controlling the Executive Branch.

    So what is your point again? Somehow Republicans want him to be one term? Well of course! Democrats wanted Bush to be one term. We are learning a lot from the Bush / Obama years. Lots of similarities that shouldn't be overlooked. Bush too had a majority in both houses until he fucked up so bad he lost it by a lot. Bush did more damage in the same amount of time although Obama is spending 3x what W did while continuing the same failed policies. Obama campaigned on the deficit and debt too! Hysterical.

    Did the American public get duped in the 2010 elections into voting overwhelmingly Republican? Had they lost hope in Nancy Pelosi, who in November of 2006 promised a new direction in Washington? Had their doses of hope and change not reached them in time?

  7. Blame the two(one) party system. The GOP had no problem when Bush was doing the same shit, but then it was the Dems who were kicking and screaming. Now that the Dems are in power they do the same shit but on steroids and the Republicans are kicking and screaming.

    On the real, the only difference I see between the two parties is the rhetoric. "Kill them all and let god sort them out."
  8. Updated, while researching, I came to an epiphany of sorts, thus changing the theme of the thread. Enjoy peeps
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    Operation Desert Fox? Which war criminal president led that operation? Was Bush II president in 1998 or was Bush I still president? My memory is a little foggy...

    Was the same guy behind the Iraq Liberation Act?

    Some Iraq info, in case you want to include it...

    Iraq disarmament timeline 1990

    Related video:

  10. What happens to the commies who aren't spiritual?

  11. Then society will contribute to the effort of eradicating them.
  12. Well good thing I am a spiritual commie...or maybe just a communist who is spiritual. Anyways, my comrades would not appreciate you eradicating them :mad:
  13. Contrare, if you truly were a communist to the point where it became spiritual, your response would be something like this:

    We are all Communists by heart. Even the Westerner has the primal desire to follow a comrade as honorable and exalted as the Great Leader; even though openly he opposes the Communist ideology, internally, the so called "freedom" that the westerner enjoys isn't really freedom at all, but rather an artificial detraction from the overall improvement and betterment of his society that would be possible through our exhalted leader; praise Him, and may He have mercy and spread the Great Awareness to those that aren't indoctrinated.

    The robotic ideology and the apparent block preventing him from expressing his ideas freely through independent though processing coupled with the idea that the only people in a Spiritually Communist society commuting openly with the world are those who are the most educated and capable of postulating on a very basic level as well as being versed in the manipulation of language to the point where a atrocious set of beliefs becomes understandable.

    You aren't a spiritual commie. A Communist wouldn't even use that word; that is a derogatory word used by citizens of a free thinking society. You lose.
  14. I guess you didnt read or understand the part "or maybe just a commie who is spiritual." In other words, I don't like to mix my spiritual/religious beliefs with my politics. But whatever man, your right im just a capitalist who gets off by pretending to be a commie on a weed forum. I will happily say the word commie as much as I please. After all its just a word that I find to be funny, especially if you put pinko in front of it. Winning?
  15. Fatality...:(

    But in all seriousness, I overlooked your underlying logic, prolly cus I haven't sleeped in 2 days. *slept

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