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the grasscity forums

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by hippie john, Apr 28, 2004.


do ya like em?

  1. yup

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  2. yeah, but i would change... (please elaborate)

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  3. no i dont (go away then ;) )

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  1. of all the forums i've ever come across, which i hate to imagine how many, this has got the be the best one i've ever seen.... i really mean it....

    just the overall color scheme, the font, icons, everything... its just so easy on the eyes.... if i could change anything about it i wouldnt change a thing (although bookmarks would be pretty cool, but the favorites section works for that)...

    i know its from vbulletin, but alot of others ive seen are aswell but dont look anywhere near as good....

    i love it and im sure alot of others do too [​IMG]
  2. yep it is easy on the eye now.

    but l didn,t mind the old colours.

    BBP always hated these colours.
  3. i dont mean just the colors.... i mean the whole expeirience, if that what ya want to call it...
  4. The City will always be my home. I love this place. :)
  5. Look at the post count and make your own conclusion...

  6. the only forum... grasscity.com is the shit.

    thanks guys.
  7. Yeah...I kind of dig this place, too! :D
  8. This place always feels like "Home" to me, and many folks here have become like family!!!! Even if I can't visit often, I think about ya'll VERY often!!!

    BEST DAMN SITE ON THE WEB!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. How is it that I ALWAYS miss you????!!! Welcome back...you better be back again, Mister!

    This place feels like home because it is home. We love you and miss you. Hope all is well!!!! :)
  10. yeah I like it because of the fact its easy on the eyes and not all complicated like some forums are :p
  11. You know how you usually like the format of the first forum you join? That's how it is with me. This was the first forum I joined in my life, and I've always liked vBulletin more because of it.

    Plus this place is super cool. :D

  12. i agree with the other stuff you said, but speed is sometimes lacking, and on weekends i sometimes get a 'Forum is busy, try again' type message... maybe due to limited database connections???

  13. i love grasscity because i have........things in common;)....witht the ppl here, and everyones great(well nearly everyone)
  14. The city is a crazy, yet sophisticatedly fun ( :smoking: ), place.

    And it's definitely a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than other sites.

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