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The Grascity Feild Trip!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cloudman, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. I had this sort of dream/vision. It was were the entire grasscity organized a feild trip to amsterdam. We would just smoke Hollands Hope and White Widow and Hash and be dancing in the street (or dancing on the celing). We could rent out every dam hotel in amsterdam and just thoug a huge party. We could put all the mods up in the Anne Frank House!!!! WE would have all of a great pot head chefs makin there legendery eats, and all of the growers would bring there weed so we could actully get to try them (i know some one with some White Rhino that I would cut a toe off for). There would be a perment cloud over the city for a thousand years, and it would become a national holiday over there. . . The day the city came to town...The Grasscity.

    well i hope you guys like my waxen' poetic and feel free to add any coments : )

    Oh BTW i made a photo shop off what Amsterdam would look like.

    Attached Files:

  2. Smoked some tonight, huh?

    edit: :D
  3. you have know idea....

  4. I think there's already a never ending cloud over their city..
  5. I really like that pic :D
  6. So when does this start again?? I don't want to miss the train..
  7. some day freinds some day

    ya i was pretty out there when i made that picture, ive got tons of em'

    bye the way what bands would we book?

    Defently phish , this is stight up phish type party : )
  8. How long does it take to get to Amsterdam by train from Canada? HE HE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. dancing on a ceiling after white widow!!!!?????!?!?!?!?!? wtf? have you ever smoked that stuff? you'll be dancing glued to your seat!

    get some Shaman, Flo, Euforia, NL, BubbleGum, or some other sativa nutso stuff if u wanna be dancing anywhere. ;D

    hey.. sorry, thats just me.. mr literal. lol

    yeah.. i'd be there in a shot.
    do me and moonlight high (as the first couple to meet on the City) get our own hotel room?


  10. Yes and a vibrating bed to boot..
  11. -shudder-

  12. true dat true dat, my freind has a saying bout the white widow he grows

    "once you get hit by the ass is on the floor muthaaafuucccka" -rob dizzile

    oh and congats to you and moonlight digit, Im sure we could get you your own bed room.

    whether it be video taped for the pure enjoy ment of your fellow city memebers is entirely up to them...not a good prospect. : )

    Oh and there would defenatly be a pot head olimpics (ya i really dont know how to spell that word). There would be free style hacy sack, freestyle bong bowl packing, who could hold the a hit the longest, who could make the best munchies ect ect.

    oh and and a pot head movie festivle. . . but dont even get me sarted. ooo how bout a reefer santa clause... tow words - KICK ASS
  13. Damn us stoners will never get anything done, all we do is dream... Not that dreaming is bad but still most of you know it wouldnt happen...

    - breaker breaker
  14. what ever we can just get stonned and think were all there : )

    it's the thought that counts....but not with drug dealers
  15. pimento cheese and a loaf of bread
    bag of york peppermint patties
    and i aint doin bad
  16. i have to say namron you have some of the weridest things on my posts
  17. your mission, should you choose to accept it, is laugh, and laugh only, this is not something i dont remember, this is mission impossible

    oh yeah, hit the bong too
    spicy miracle whip and bread
  18. We would have to invite Willie Nelson only because he's an amazing man. I mean in all honestly who would be in a recording session, find out their house is on fire, race home, just so you could save your most precious possession, their most expensive guitar case and run out of the house, and the only thing saves was WEED.

  19. amen to that, also the marley childern would have to come (ziggy, damian, the other 17 or so)
  20. this is a hella old post and i'd like to start it up again. i think we should acrully try this... but not amsterdam cus i dont think half of us cold afford it:D
    maybe somewhere in the states or canada and we could have a GIANT sesh and do the marijuana olympics and all that shit. itd be kick ass and we wouldnt have to fly all the way to amsterdam..
    just an idea...:smoking:

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