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Should the govenment leagalize weed?

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  1. I think that the government should legalize weed. If they did this i think that they should make it like cigerits. You should be like 19 to buy it. If the government sold it and put a tax on i then they would be rich!!! Shit they can have my money for that. Also they should make it legal to posse it. When you think about the amount of people that smoke weed, then think about a tax on it if sold. Man that would kick ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you think the government should legalize weed?
    Yes or No
  2. it should not be legalized. if they legalize weed it would have all kinds of additives and radiation in it. it would become like the tobacco industry.
    think about it.
    you can grow your own tobacco without some of the bad stuff in it and roll your own cigs or smoke it in a pipe, but this will take monthes of work
    or you can go out and spend 5$ on a pack of cancer sticks. which is more convient?
    the cannabis industry would eventuall become the same
    i would like to see toleration

    edit: marijuana is one of americas top cash crops because of its high value.
    it actually already makes so much money for the government. they tax this so called "war on drugs"
    fining people for possesion is allot of money right there.
    legalizing weed would make a end to the war therefor ending the taxing of it losing the government money.
    the cia is also one of the largest drug dealers in the world (what do you think they do with all the confiscated drugs?)

    on the brighter side of legalization it would make room in jails for real criminals
  3. if MJ was legal i would be the happiest man alive. they would prob develope more dope shit then whats out now. all i wouild do was smoke pot... and weed would be much cheeper so ide just work and smoke that be my live lol best life ever!!

  4. I disagree because it would be so easy to grow your own, easier than growing tobacco I'd think. Plus it's free that way. Marijuana is weed after all...
  5. They could do exactly as they did here in worked here :)
  6. I agree that they should legalize it. However after reading the facts about marijuana on the us department of justice page I think it's unrealistic.

    I do agree that if it was legalized a lot of people would probably buy it over the counter just like cigarettes, along with all the other uneccessary additives to increase production. This would be a very bad thing, it would allow for studies showing harmful effects of mj, harmful effects caused by these chemical additives. I don't doubt that if it was legalized and sold over the counter from some huge mj distributer we would see the first death related to smoking mj.

    Of course if it was legalized I for one would grow my own... if I smoked tabacco I'd probably grow my own (shell out a few bucks for an incubator, buy the seeds and wait 8 months).
  7. 1/ if weed was legalised by the U.S. govt, they would want to make a lot of money from it.

    2/ due to the above, they would probably dish out the death penalty to any home growers, as you'r stealing possible "earnings for the state"

    3/ if there wasn't a law against growing at the time, i'm sure they'd make one up.

    don't know about the states but over here you can't produce your own whiskey/moonshine/pochine etc, and alcohols legal

    Peace out...........Sid

  8. weed wouldn't be cheaper the government would put so much tax on it and then there would be other laws about when and where you can smoke it. i just think it is better for me too just start gorwing my own and just sit in and smoke when it comes time for harvest.
  9. i dont think it should be legalized because big corporations will start to get into it and start using radiation to grow it faster
  10. so... all in all thc will be the same...
  11. thc will not nesscesserally(lmao how the f**k u spell that?[stoned]) be the same but they will probably start doing some genetically modified stuff and it wont be weed any more it wont be natural it will become clinical.

  12. What he said
  13. ok... new idea. It SHOULD NOT be legal to sell in stores, in other words, you shouldnt be able to go down to 7-11 and buy a pack of joints. However, there should be no penelty for growing or posessing. How does this sound?
  14. the governemtn is prolly makin a shitload of money already for the "war on drugs" which is really jus to make money. and the CIA must make shitloads of money sellin all the drugs they confiscate from smugglers. the CIA keeps a lot of shit from ppl. personally i think they planned out 9/11 as jadakiss said in his song "why"

  15. decriminalization, its the only way

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