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The Govenator

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cloudman, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Thoughts on this bone head any one?

    god i can't belive that that fuckin idot will be on my fuckin brothers diploma. So werid. . .
  2. he may well indeed be an idiot... but none more so than the main man.

    i think it must be this decade's theme for the republican party.

    idiot puppets.
  3. Isn't he independant?
  4. no way man. lol. its funny. are you in california? i wouldnt be suprised. most people who voted for him totally dont have a clue about whats going on either. lol.

    arnie is in the republican party. thats right, he's getting into politicla power by waving the republican banner. :D heh heh heh.

    its a funny world we live in.

    funny.... but scary.
  5. How much worse could Ahhnold be than Davis?

    He may not come across as brilliant, but consider this: Arnold arrived in the US with nothing, not only did he have the drive to dominate body building (and is still the one all others must be compared to), he has been a very successful businessman (primarily thru RE), he's been a huge success in the film business and he married into one of the leading (not my favorite, but leading) families in the US.

    I conclude that the guy is pretty damn sharp & driven to realize his goals....

    Not only that, he doesn't need the money, so he should have a low tolerance for the political BS. Take Bloomberg, Billionaire turned Mayor of NY. Likes to get high, doesn't care if its not PC. Arnold could be the same least he supports medical mj. Jessie Ventura was the same tolerance for the polictical BS. I love elected officials who are not career politicians...they are much more grounded in the 'real world' and they know they have careers outside of politics, so they're not constantly sucking-up just to be re-elected! Give me 100 Arnolds for all of the pro-Congressmen wed to special interest groups & big business!

    * catches breath & counts to 10.....*

    Lastly, my bro & sis live in CA and are both psyched to have Arnold give it a go. Given that they've both always been on the liberal side of the political scale, I was a bit surprised. However, this is a guy I would never underestimate.

    ok, I'll stop ranting...for can get back to bashing him......

  6. One of the funny things is that the Republican party USED to be about less government least that's what it was when the moderates were driving the Right is driving it to get into our homes & bedrooms thru their social issues...the irony is that they're making it as bad, if not worse, than the leftist Democrats with their own intrusive and inefficient programs!

    I still don't know why a mainstream Republican doesn't say that he or she wants less gov, including eliminating the BS laws & enforcement of mj?...

    rant complete...

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