The Gov shall not grant Technology

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    It's absolutely astonishing the technology is advancing to the unknown limits. We can basically manipulate the time by store any form of data to a storage device, for future reference. You can store DNA data, genes, information, or any source of data that has produced in the past. You could time stamp a period and store it somewhere. If you want go back to that specific time period, you could possibility do so. Nothing is impossible. It's just a matter of understanding and reason from the materials that you acquired. And allow use your mind to unfold the greatest mysteries.

    Also, we will come to a point where we can't starve off the planet ecosystem. They won't do any us good. As last year, scientist found a way to convert shit into a meat, within weeks. We basically shaved big chuck of time and progress to obtain products. We shit, and eat that shit in the most fabulous ways we can think of.

    Robots today, that has best calculation than we could do in a fast period of time. Also, robots can be specifically train by the software that we created, and do the job at excel at. Robots could create a house that was designed by us by using software and command upon. We could build a home base on the Moon, from here on Earth. It's just a matter of money and time.

    Atoms can be form in ways that you want them to be. Technologist are working on a super quadcomputering that could do thousand times faster than our computer in today's age. It is by using nan-technolgies, to an atom size level. That also means we have ability to observe anywhere in the globe in real time. We shaved that chuck of time off.

    Blew your arm off? well you can regrow it. We can re-grow any type of organism that was lost. We could repair the damaged eyes, heal by specific nano-robots that does the job the way we designed them to do.

    Humans are slowly progress into a logical specie, we have the ability to think within and outwards, and how to design in such ways that no animal could do nor think of. Also, we can manipulate the time, playing almost exact same scenario but with a different action. This is known by, video games. WE can experience in ways that real world cannot do.

    We are at a tipping point of no return, I fear. The gov can basically track every thing you move and yet, citizens just deny notion? The power of technology can drastically change the lifestyle we live upon. Time to live in fears for long period of time, or is it time to stop the cynical action that we refuse to see, refuse to learn. Our very ancestors worked hard to learn, to understand around us. We, the citizens just basically throw away all of the knowledge and technology to the gov. All while, let the 'big brother' take care for you and others because you guys think they are the gods. Guys, this is becoming a reality that we all have to face.

    Technology comes with a great price.

    Also, I had an itch to post this. I love this video.
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    meh...this sums up my opinion of gov tech...:p


  3. we are the robots fooltron, building plastic for our creators

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