The Gop let social conservatives dig them in a hole

Discussion in 'Politics' started by craigd89, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. [ame=]GOP War On Women - YouTube[/ame]

    Seriously what in the fuck was the religious right thinking when they brought womens health issues to the forefront.
  2. they have the same foreign and monetary policies as the other party.. so there isn't much else to bring up besides for women's issues and gay marriage.
  3. You'd think, but as of yet democrats are yet to legalize gay marriage too so I just look at them all as homophobic.
  4. hahaha I know right, because religion has always done soooo darn well on that front :laughing:
  5. I think they are trying to lose the election, so they don't have to take the blame for the shitty economy and lack of jobs, and they can continue to let Obama take the fall.

    I just cannot believe that people can be so stupid. Call me an optimist!
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    i remember when was an anti war group..
    there's not one anti war article on trheir front page..

    not even anything bad about petraeus.. do they not hate him anymore?

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