The Goods

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  1. How could one tell if weed is good? Also, is there any way to tell if weed is ever laced?
  2. if you wanna check it the weed is laced and its in a bag shake it while holding it with one hand on the side and if it is a powdery substance might for at the bottom a lil bit. but dont mistake it for the buds crystal and about the good weed thing..i havent ever been able to tell... i dont but enough/
  3. uhh if it smells likenothing or kinda wierd itssusaly kinmda old and if it looks old and it really dry and shit,

    but i seroisy doulbt thast your ganna get laced shit unless you aksbut ican usually tellif tehre small chewy cubes "chewy" also itll look like it has very white kief(unusually white)

    and the taste

    besides that idk how ot tell
  4. haha, i just thought it was funny you named this thread "the goods"...that's what the porn folder on my computer was named in h.s. bwaaaahaha :smoke:
  5. LOL. thats funny as hell man. BTW how did you get porn on the computer in school?

    And if the weed is laced with a white substance you need to smoke that shit man.
  6. yeah when i read that title i was thinking about the two goods, the good good, and the bad... ok wait that makes no sense.

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