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  1. well the good news is my plants should give me a good yield growing over 5 feet, the bad news is my tops are like 2 inches away from my lights. I go and buy a 6 foot tent thinking I'm golden height wise not realizing sativas are gonna triple in size -_-

    Thoughts, advice?

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  2. Supercrop the tallest branches. I have done it out of necessity in flower with no ill effects. The problem with a 5' plant is that the light is only penetrating half way down the plant unless you do side lighting as well. Consider doing a scrog next time - not only will you not have to worry about height but you will probably at least double your yield. Your plants look good. :)
  3. Thanks mick! I will try a bit of supercropping then here in the next couple days. And I have some c99 I got as a free pack I was gonna run after these girls so I will definitely consider a scrog for it since they are sativas also. You think pvc is an easy way to go?
  4. I’m doing my first scrog now. Looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome. My last grow I had some pretty big plants but like mick said those bottom buds don’t turn out as good. Trying to fill out my 5x5 and 4x2.5 tents. I bought some garden fence that has 2” squares and zip tied them to the tent poles.
  5. Hmmm I'll be looking into that. I've been anxious to try out a scrog, where did you get the garden fence at?
  6. Hmmm I'll be looking into that. I've been anxious to try out a scrog, where did you get the garden fence at?
  7. I think so.
    5 weeks.JPG IMG_1335.JPG
  8. Amazon.
    Mr.Garden 5ft-Hx10ft-L Mesh 2.4 inch Openings PVC Coated Fence Wire Poultry Netting Gutter Guards Chicken Run Rabbit Fencing to Keep Out Racoons Gophor

    Cut it to the length I needed.
  9. All of those tallest tops need to be bent 90 degrees with a crease in the stem. You can do this all the way up to week 4 of flower. I wouldn't do it past that. Go about 12" down from the top or more. Whatever feels comfortable. Bend it in a direction so it doesn't run right into another top.

    Supercropping is my primary training method. It's all that I use now. That's how I was able to make a semi even canopy out of my 3 plants in a 4x4. I abused the crap out of them.

    A lot of people consider supercropping a high stress training method. It really isn't the plants recover very fast. All of those tops were pointing up the next day. Just be careful not to snap the stems. Pinch and roll and little then allow them to settle in to a gentle crease. That's the best way. If you partially snap the stem you can just tape it. Try to avoid snapping though.
  10. I knew I would end up supercropping. One question I have is do the stems pick right back up where you bent or is it just the tops the turn back towards the light? I supercropped my northern lights and I don't think I put enough pressure because it seemed like the entire stem started bending back up so it kinda defeated the purpose.
  11. Just the tops turn back up. Depending on the strain some plants are very vigorous growers and will straighten your bends if you don't refresh them. Within about a week or so a hard knuckle will form at the bend and that point on the stem will be way stronger then the rest. You won't be able to bend it there after it heals. It will bend somewhere else.

    They made nike symbol shaped buds that have fat ass bottoms because they get more light then usual being sideways. It really increases your harvest.

    You can see some healed knuckles in this picture. One is pale in color because that is where the stem snapped and I had tape on it until it healed. My GDP plant is the most resistive to supercropping out of all of them. It fights it and tries to bounce back up straight again. My other plants are way easier to train and require way less bends then suddenly they form a bush and I don't have to do anything else.
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  12. Ok now I have a better idea of supercropping in general. You think it will be ok then at this point in time? It's Only gonna be 3-4 tops I need to bend. I honestly can't believe how much these girls have stretched, right when I think they're done I'll check on em In the morning and see they have shot up another 2-3 inches in one day
  13. No problem. I had to bend down more then a dozen tops last crop. I wish I had pics but the plants had spidermites. I only like taking pics of happy plants so I have hardly any of last crop. Last thing I wanted is to post pics of my plants and have a dick tell me I have spider mites when I've been fighting it for a month.

    I left town for work and had my wife watching the crop in stretch. I came back to tops that were 12" from my lights. They looked good but I was shocked how far they climbed in a week. I had to bend every one of them. I happened to get my best yield ever from it. 2lbs from a 4x4.
  14. Lmao no doubt man. I'm in a 3x3, I would love to pull a pound :) when are you gonna flip your girls?
  15. I just posted a pic in the qb120 thread. They're day 11 since flip.
  16. Admirable stalks! I thought I let mine get big before veg but you outdid me.
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