The Golden Tree Grow Journal- 6K watt and 2 T-5s

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    Started up a new grow using a great product called Golden Tree by Humbolts Secrets. It was suggested to me by another experienced growing that has knowledge of over 15+ years. The reason why I choose to use this all in one solution is because it can replace many additives that are expensive and required in your typically hydroponic grow. I like to think of it as steroids for the plants. After my first dosage, it took only 3 days and there was extreme new growth on all of my mother plants. The Fluorescent green light colors of the plant leaves were shown on all of the tops.

    [​IMG] Shown in this pic are mother plants of both Purple and Master Kush. Mother's treated with 1ml shot of golden tree solution in 1 gallon of 6.1PH water. Plants took half a gallon among them all. Therefore after one watering the plants only needed 0.5ml of the solution. Next time I water I plan to double the solution because of such HUGE growth results. Like I said above...It feels like they're on STERIODS!!

    [​IMG] This is a picture of the Purple Kush clones I cropped off the mother a few days ago. The mothers and the babies are all under two T-5 fluorescent lights. Very impressed by the lights ability to give off very little heat causing a steady environment for both parties.

  2. Well you have established a baseline with some ordinary looking plants.
    Lets see what they look like in 30 days.
    0-0-2.5 ?
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  5. new to this forum stuff thats for sure.. 0-0-2.25. No spam here..just trying to figure out how to make my thread new babies are on there way. Going to be some very good genetics..Purple Kush and Querkle..
  6. sorry about the lame tags...any suggestions to catch more viewers? putting up the REAL full 6k watt grow later this week photos in info will be included. Plan to post twice a week with current updates.
  7. Wotevz dude hahaha
  8. wotevz dude? what kind of response is that. I'm posting on here for a to her positive feedback or negative feedback that can help me change for the better.....not stupid comments trying to say im to this website still trying to figure out how to post properly and get solid viewers....about to start putting up the real grow this next week. Just put 9 in the 6k room last week to do a test run with the reservoir and feeding method. ONE hate
  9. Hey Everyone....Sorry for slacking on the posts this past month and a half. A lot of new growth has happened and everything is going real good! Of course on every journey there's a few bumpy roads. But everyone's able to get through them if you've had some experience in the garden and good friends!... To catch everyone up I'm going to be posting over the next week to update you on this past month and half's progress. To Start it off, I have a pic of a Clone with a very healthy root system.
    Week 1.4.jpeg
    All of my cuttings off of the PK and MK have been a success rate of 8/10 averaging around 80%.
    I have more recently invested in a klonemaster which is an aeroponics cloning system. This is a way more effective way to produce healthier root systems at a faster growth rate.(I will post pictures of this system in the upcoming week).
    These are all PK cuttings off the mother which are now currently flourishing with amazing new growth and are about a foot and a half tall. I give all the credit to the Good Genetics, healthy environment, good newts &  my #1 and only additive Humboldts Secert Golden Tree Solution. This high performing all in one additive has literally made my roots grow out of the pots I had originally purchased (because of the ROOTS accelerator inside of it). When I bought the pots, I originally went with 1.5 gallon pots which I thought were going to be big enough for the whole cycle.This was definitely not the case, and I had to go purchase 36 new 5+ gallon pots.They are absolutely huge and are definitely going to do the trick. I will show you a picture of the biggest plants in a few days once everyone's caught up on the progress of the grow.
    Week 1.1.jpeg
    Here is a picture of the first 3 PK i started in the own tray. They were a test experiment to figure out the proper PPM level and while adjusting the environment in the room. (how much light, how often/how much fresh air intake and to get an idea for spacing between the plants in each tray).
    Week 1.3.jpeg
    We Recently have added a new Mother to the VEG ROOM and are super juiced about it!!!  She came from Rascals Genetics and its a Cutting of Larry OG. It is very possible this cut might actually be RASCALS FIRE OG!! So whichever it turns out to be....I'm stoked no matter what because i know it came off one of their mothers directly!!
    Week 1.2.jpeg
    Above is the Last Photo I am going to post today. It is what the Second Tray looks like and is Completely full maxing out all available space.
    The cuttings put into the First and Second Tray once transplanted into the medium weren't in the greatest condition. I left them a little too long in the EZ cloner...causing the discoloration you see. Because of such good genetics, within a few days these guys were completely green standing up tall and loving life!!
    I will Continue to post the progression over the next week, and I hope you all continue to follow! You can always catch a live update on my IG account which is the same as the Post name. Theweedmahn !! video and photo updates for a closer follow.

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