The Golden Rectangle

Discussion in 'General' started by Da1F, Feb 23, 2001.

  1. so i checked out those links... i think i understand it. but, uh... can you explain how this pertains to marijuana?!
  2. I couldn't get either of those links to work! :(
  3. ok. i guess my mind doesnt churn too much!
  4. I first heard about the golden rectangle in that movie 'pi'. Some mathmaticians believe that it is the secret behind all life. I just thought others may find it interesting :)
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  5. the secret of life? woah.... thats pretty cool.
  6. I thought it was the Bermuda Triangle that held the secret of the meaning of life (which is 48).
    Learn something new every day. :eek:
  7. PI was a realy weird movie, I was confused after watching it!

  8. i had to watch that in english class, that was a messed up movie.
  9. 42! :D
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