The goal for the veg stage.

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  1. Hey Folks - I'm trying to become more educated about the entire process of growing so please be patient with me.

    So right now I have some ladies *and a few dudes* that are outdoors in softpots. From everything I've been reading - outdoors the switch from veg to flower happens around the first part of August.

    If this is true - I have roughly 1 month to get my plants in whatever stage they will be in for flowering.

    Is the purpose of this veg stage to just grow the plans as large as possible? Ultimately, what should I be shooting for in veg? Size? Nodes? etc.

    Thanks in advance. Again, this is my first outdoor grow land I'm trying to learn as much as I can for next go round.

    I already know I should have topped the plants and I didn't. It might be too late now because the plants are gong gangbusters from the tops.
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  2. Your going for size. Feed them high N till about Aug 1st. Only top if height is an issue. Outside all the plant gets equal sun.
    Keep an eye out for Powdery Mildew.
    Green Cure or baking soda for that. 1 tblspn per gallon of water. spray till drenched one a week.

    Caterpillars can start anytime now but especially when flower starts. BT for them once a week every week till harvest.

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  3. Same boat here OP. I’m just hoping for some growth before flower.
  4. What is BT?
  5. Also, I've got an organic box of nutrients fro my last indoor grow - wondering if I should be adding nutrients as well. I've heard the nutes aren't as important on outdoor grows - not sure if that's true.
  6. [​IMG]

    BT aka Thuricide aka Dipel, aka.



    Bacillus Thuringiensis

    This is a biological not a chemical poison. Organic rated it's the lowest risk agent against caterpillars there is.
    Most garden centers will carry it for use on tomatoes.

    Sunlight destroys it in a few hours so it needs to be applied once a week to be effective. I spray it every week 52 times a year as I grow year round and the moths never really stop here.

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