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The Glass Family (pics)

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Bluntsylvania, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Second Thread: Just wanted to say hello to the GrassCity community, and show off the glass pieces. Let me know what you think. Which is your favorite? What one should I rip next? Oh the possibilities...

    Squidward - This was the very first piece I owned. I bought it out of the local headshop (Utopia) when I was 14 for 25$. Got the name when I was token some hash with one of my buddies while watching spongebob. He noticed its resemblence to squidwards nose and the name stuck.


    Chunk - This piece has a long history. But it was passed down to me when my neighbor owed me money for a dime. A nice 10$ deal. Its pretty thick and durable. A hefty Chunk-o-glass.


    Chloe - My latest addition to the family, given to me by my girl as a birthday present. Named it after her cause they're both so damn sexy. It nice cause it has a big stem-tube which makes for a nice little shotgun effect.


    Frosty - I bought this bong from Utopia a few days after Christmas '07. I combined all my X-mas money and bought this elegant beauty on sale for 85$. Its seen many headers, but the one I have now I purchased at Briggs Farm BluesFest minutes after it was blown for 15$.


    This is the case I made for my bong when I brought it home. I had no place to put it so I used some scraps I found in my basement. Fleece padding lined and lockable to keep the parents out. And those guys are just odd characters I came up with one day after a rip or two...

    Your Bud Token Buddy,

  2. Nice family you've got there!

    I'm gona have to say that Squidward is my fave, as I just got done doing some resin hits on my own spoon. And that is a sweet little spoon. Also digging that bong and its box, very nice!
  3. Nice bong, I have one thats exaclty the same except for color
  4. Thanks, I agree shes a nice mini sherlock. Turned me into the pot smoker I am today :bongin:

    I might make a tutorial on how to make one of those bong boxes. I drew up some plans when I was ripped earlier. Going to make a big one to keep all my smoking paraphernalia in.
  5. nice collection

    welcome to the city
  6. I smoked out of a bong that looked a lot like that one. except it had the spiral all the way down and it was teal. some nice glass though.
  7. great fam, loving squidward haha. +rep
  8. I've seen a lot of similar bongs myself but I think the white is simply sexy. I can't wait until I've been ripping it for a few decades and its completely resinated. White on black will look awesome

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