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The giving of thanx, and other reasons not to go to work.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. Good afternoon sports fans!

    The earth has tipped over and is only letting the sun shine on my part of the world for a little while each day. Actually, I think it is anyway because the long grey slate where the sky used to be never seems to change here lately. Even at noon, when it used to be overhead, it's now overshoulder, so to speak.


    What a concept, eh?

    Already had the first wave of cabin fever!

    But that's not why I've come here today my friends.

    I'm here today because the rest of holidays are ass haulin, got way too much stuff to do, 2 birthdays, eldest offspring's and spousal unit's, plus all the normal holiday goooombah stuff that goes on is going to make it damn hard to stop by and empty the bowels of my mind upon yours so I guess I gotta do it TODAY!

    The holiday known as Thanksgiving, if it was'nt overshadowed by Christmas, would be a wonderful idea. It is a good thing to stop and take stock of how things are going, how fate has either smiled or excreted bile upon you, what you love, and who, and how despite everything, it could be worse.

    You have come to be here through;

    a.) A series of random and meaningless events,


    b.) a divine plan made by a supreme being,

    (pick one, or create one of your own)

    Not unlike Forrest Gump, I too, think it's a little of both.

    So my friends, take a little time Thursday, and every day to do what Jim Morrison said in a tender ballad, long ago,



    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Even those of you where it's not Thanksgiving.

    I keep forgetting the international flavor of the city!

    Peace and good things to you.
  2. thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. I can honestly say in the spirit, and just overrall feeling, with the timing of the year, the weather, the spirit, the foood!, the football, etc I like it more than at my house has become very commercial and well, a turnoff holiday. anyway, this is the first thanksgiving we arent even celebrating thanksgiving ON thanksgiving. its sad to say but everyone in my immediate family has to work. my mom, with the new job, my brother just moving to oregon, my dad working for the money due to this, and I opting to help at work from all this, we are hopefully celebrating it the day before. Its not going to be the same for sure, with no football! thats my favorite part! getting so stuffed and ploping on the couch all day!! oh well...c'est la vie..!
  3. i know what ya mean sensi. the getting stuffed and plopping on the couch and watching the big game is one of the best things about thanksgiving. although i'm sorry to hear you won't be enjoying that part of thanksgiving this year, you still have the spirit of it all... sitting around the table with your family, eating all the great foods, taking a minute to appreciate the good things, and some of the bad. :) although it won't be completely the same, i'm sure you'll still have a great time. i'll smoke one for ya thanksgiving day before i watch the game :D
  4. I agree with critter. We should all give thanks for what we do have, and think of others who don't have enough.

    I will be cooking several turkeys on thanksgiving. I have given several to people in need. I still have 30 plus to get delivered........

    I hope to finish all my good deeds before the game starts. I have to get stoned before the game.... I am fixing the veggie and snack platter for the game. I'll need them for the game and MUNCHIES!
  5. HIGH All, shit missed ya yesterday smokin and I thought I scanned though All the posts.
    We gave our Thanks up here on The WET Coast on Oct. 14th. Hey we have to be different right *LOL*.

    I couldn't agree with you more sensimil.

    My friends to the South have a Happy Thanksgiving and the rest of my Cyber BUDies have a Great day.
  6. Thanksgiving is a pretty cool holiday. The food part is insane and we all know it but we eat until we can't move anymore and chilling on the couch watching football just kicks ass. Sensi...I'll watch extra football just for you, girl and I'll go ahead and smoke more weed for ya, too!!! You like pie, right? Do I need to eat pie for you, too?????

    Reflecting on life is something I do more often than I should but Thanksgiving really causes me to evaluate things. I'm thankful for a lot this year.....I'm thankful to be able to be thankful, for the most part.

    Attention: Sappiness Alert: I love you guys and I'm thankful that you all are here and that we're like a big family! Super J and his crew do a kick ass job and I must say that I'm thankful that he started the City!

    Everyone have a great Thnaksgiving and for those of you not celebrating....Have a great Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. A couple of years ago the womenfolk in the family got tired of cooking for hours only to have it consumed in 30 min. and nappy time and football the rest of the day, so 3 yrs. ago we reserved a shelter house at a local out of the way state park.

    It's a beautiful little valley and the house is made out of native sandstone with a huge fireplace. Get there at 8:00 a.m. sharp and build a big fire get the place warm for the ol' folks. Bro-in-law has the turkey fryer, and I take along my grill.

    There's still the big pig out, but you gotta go hike it off and then pig out again.

    So far we've been lucky in the weather dept. I'm hoping this storm that's a comin will clear us by Thurs.! If not, I'll just big a bigger fire!

    Y'all have a goodun'!!!!!

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