the girls indoors.

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  1. Starting to show their boobies. Any suggestions?

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  2. another pic

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  3. one more

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  4. How many watts are you putting off there, and do you know whut strain your using? How old are they right now? I have a box build with two sets of 4 ft long flouros, i just need to build a box for it though. Uh they look good keep updating.
  5. they look good but a little stretched mite want to get the light alil closer... also maybe stronger fan cuz budding will pull your plants down and snap!! no more plants work on building a stronger root but man o man looks good buyddy G+_ growers plus from Tokeman Sam
  6. If you add more light now you will increase what you have or will have. Small HPS above and move the tubes to the sides.

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