The Girl Who Silenced The World

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    The courage of this young girl! I had never seen this video before but it came into a large circulation in my news feed (very encouraging) and felt the need to share it here.
    I don't and won't understand the people (and I have even seen them on GC) that say whatever we do is natural, since we are natural and all things are natural whatever we do is okay and fine with nature. Like burning down a forest is natural because fire and trees come from nature.... 
    I get so pissed off and upset, I don't understand how the world can be so completely blind to each other and our only home. I was once laughed at by my mother in law for recycling, because I want to "save the animals" as she put it. Because we don't live on this planet too? What is "away", when you throw something away? Is there really an "away"? No, it goes somewhere, on this planet, where we live too. It pollutes our oceans and our drinking water, it pollutes another person's country, it seeps toxins into soil we eat our food from, and most of our trash won't ever go away. It's not about "saving the animals" it's about saving ourselves. It's baffling how we can be so disconnected.
    Sorry, emotional subject as the mother of a youngin, and I felt the need to share the video here. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I know far too many people who still believe the world we live in and what we do to it is just fine the way it is. I don't know how anyone can remain so blind and ignorant to the problems we face on literally our only home, and so far the only planet in the entire universe that is known to have life, yet we treat it like we have 50 Earths lined up. 

  2. This little girl is so right, but even with a thousand speeches of this magnitude it would still not make a bloody difference. Anything that happens in this "system" needs to work its way around the bullshit-mill and when it does people usually forget what went into the mill to begin with. The people who are letting this world turn to shit are so high on power and greed that there's no way of stopping them. They're forcing more and more absolutely ridiculous laws over our heads to "protect" and "assure" us that nobody will ever come and take away our shiny new [INSERT MATERIAL CARE], when in reality we don't need protecting, we don't need assurances, we don't need these material cares, we don't need anybody to watch out for our well being. We need freedom so we can live our own lives and make our own decisions. I could ramble on about this for years (Literally) but I can't be bothered since in the end I have no say and all I can do is walk tall and help where help is needed.
    The entire world is engulfed by a "More, more, more" mentality. I'm proud of not owning a television or a shiny bling car.
    The only reason why our blood contains plastic is because people like you don't give a fuck and draw every conclusion on the premise of a 1000 word article written by a single person with a single perspective. Do you think the plastic islands floating around the Atlantic were always there? Or do you think that some fuck was careless and didn't believe in recycling so he dumped his shit straight into the ocean?
    Whether or not you believe in recycling has little to do with this. It's no lie that our planet is literally dying because of our excessive use of its resources. Sure it might not be something you'll witness because it's a long way down the road (Leave it for the children, eh?), but don't you think that you owe it to the place that allowed for your existence to just once in a while pick up a plastic bottle from the street and put it in the next trash can you walk by? Some of us care about this now, because we see the toxic storm that awaits us if we don't act.
    Reading articles on the internet gets you no closer to logic. What you need to do is go outside and take a nice deep breathe, feel that itching in your nose? No? It'll come. Or try jumping in a river in a densely populated area, feel the burning on your skin? No? It'll come.
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    go play conspiracy somewhere else....want more trees? buy more lumber and from NC in the country, nature is just fine out here, no tickle in my nose or burning from the water, i even still have well water from a natural spring, no toxins in my water (we've had it checked) so go grow up and gain actual knowledge instead of pretending you can predict the future
    It's no surprise to me that the world revolves around your place in NC :) I live in the Danish mountains, nothing is touching me either... but I still care about my fellow human being. When you realize that you already have tons of plastics in your body (even when you live in paradise) you'll maybe start caring.
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    Putting humans on a pedestal causes more problems. If any other animals had the mental abilities we had they'd be exactly just like us. 
  8. [quote data-cid='18119390' name='-13 Amp-' timestamp='1369582360' post='18119390']yeah i didnt link multi links that cite their sources as to why its bad for the environment, lets just go off of your opinion yeah thats logic!

    I just wanted to point out that this article the author didnt exactly say recycling was bad, she said recycling plastic is bad. She suggested re using glass milk bottles. Thats basically recycling them because they will go through another cycle of use. I didnt read the other articles but overall, recycling isnt bad, plastic is bad
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    I try my best, but we're fucked. Humans fucked up as soon as we hit a population of 1 million. Now there's almost 7 BILLION of us. Think about that for a second.
  10. You'll be the first person they go to when clean drinking water becomes scarce. Most places you can't even collect your own rainwater and lakes belong to coca cola and pepsi for bottled waters. Soon that's all cities will be able to drink and then your water won't be yours, it will probably end up polluted like ours once they start draining it like they've done in so many places world wide.
    Oh and I'm just wondering why a small place in the country in NC can attest to the global environmental problems? Have you seen India? We are running out of resources, you should know we go to war for oil, soon it will be for water, pepsi and coke already buy huge amounts of water from countries that already have clean water scarcity. We have already been introduced to growing accustomed to bottled water, we used to ALL grow our own food 50 years ago, now we all BUY it. Next it will be: we used to drink from our faucets.... now we all buy it. It's the same thing, to ignore it is ridiculous. NC is not the entire world dear.
    The inability to grow food and collect water has caused poverty beyond any level imaginable, top that off with the massive pollution we are sending over to these countries, along with their own uneducation and lack of pollution standards. We sent our plastics to sea, and many countries still do, and we've created a plastic island, not just in one place but in many. It's in our seafood, it's killing millions of wildlife, you can find plastic in the bellies of so many fish. 
    Do you know why you're not effected? Because you were fortunate enough to be born into one of the right countries, or at least live in the right country. Why do you think nobody has a big problem with people immigrating SOUTH of the Equator? Colonialism, still at it's finest. 
  11. We have more than enough food to feed the entire world. We have more than enough resources to give everyone an adequate life, and to eliminate extreme poverty. There is no problem accommodating all of us, but we do not do it efficiently like humans should. We run the global economy inefficiently because there is absolutely no money to be made otherwise. We have the ability and the knowledge now to eliminate our negative impact on the Earth, there is no reason other than greed, that we have not done it yet. 
  12. We're humans.  That's what we do.  Accept it and get over it, or let it fester and weep.  Either way it won't make the slightest difference to anyone but you. 
  13. Hmm... That almost sounded like a speech that God would make if God were to address the U.N...
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    I've always thought that all those fossil fuels we use have a purpose and it's not outside nature.

    What will happen to the planet when it needs that fuel that we have removed?
  15. Burn those trees niqqa
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    We've removed nothing. The earth is a full and endless cycle, burning our fuels only means it ends up in the atmosphere.
  17. IMO it doesn't matter.

    Everything on this earth came from this earth. The solution to the human problem is the extinction of the human problem, which will happen regardless. I know this because we have the resources, intelligence, and ability to have a backup plan, liek colonizing other worlds by focusing on colonization, but we can't seem to get past the problems on our porch. For every person that cares, 10 million don't.

    The plastic will melt as lava returns it to its basic compounds and removes its structure, as will all the human accomplishments, awards, etc. and I hear people say they have hope for humanity, as if hope or faith is solid. I've never seen hope, but I have seen animal bones that are extinct and felt nothing, the way whatever supercedes us will collect us in whatever collection they desire, or not.

    Point is, our time is limited and while choices made impact generations, some choices impact longer than others but no choices we make will impact future generations forever unless it's our own extinction.

    Here's my proof, take it or leave it for those who want to argue -

    YOu don't remember the executed thief from Egypt who died 2000k years ago just like you don't remember the guy down the street who od'd last night. And in a few decades or perhaps centuries if you're lucky,it could be argued that you didn't even exist, as the hitlers of the world are making their impact digital on Facebook nowadays and when alls said and done, the stones survive what nothing else will.

    Didn't mean to bring a morbid theory to the thread but cynicism is what is called by those who can't see the world realistically, as some famous dead guy whose name I can't remember now once said, though I paraphrased...;)

    I don't feel sad however, as I realize that I will never have a negative impact on the world like einstein, I don't have a Facebook, and never having existed doesn't bother me a bit. I've even begun to tune out politics, imagine that.

    Imagine how many great people and things have been lost to history, because nobody carved that story into stone.
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    The way I see it.  This is just how our country/world has developed.  Sure it could have been a different way, but this is how it is and how technology developed.  There is nothing we can do now to fix it because the whole world isn't willing or even able to help.  And one country cant fix it or reverse the ill-effects that have already established.
    Stop it. do you understand just giving a country food water and resources doesn't help them at all in any way?

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