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  1. Does anyone have a hot neighbor? There's this girl that I've never seen before and I think she just moved in two houses down.. How the fuck should I spark up a conversation with her, I've seen her a couple times but have no idea how I could approach her.. Just looking for some tips and pointers, I don't have a problem talking to girls but I have a feeling she'll be a challenge so share your knowledge if you've ever been in a situation like this. Also feel free to share stories of your own encounters with a hot neighbor, I'll be sure to keep y'all updated on how this goes! :smoke:

  3. There is no one way to approach somebody - you have to use your surroundings and present circumstances and improvise. It will become natural through time
  5. Just go up to her door and welcome her to the neighborhood. It's gonna take some balls, but thats the only way you can do it.

    Sip on some henny before you go. It'll help your game!

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  6. There's this one girl that lives a couple houses down from me... She's super cute..... I want to talk to her but the only problem is her parents are always around and the only time I could is when she waits at the bus stop at 8am.... I feel you OP

    Rainbow family :)
  7. Jk I kid I kid. Steal her mail then go knock on her door and say you got her mail somehow. You can also introduce yourself as the neighbor and say if you ever need anything, come on over and knock on my door... Idk that's what id do

    Rainbow family :)
  8. @[member="anonymouskush"] hahahaha.. But yo that's seriously fucking genius, that might just work.. Only flaws I see are if she doesn't open the door and instead one of her roommates does, but other then that I think you just hatched me a plan :devious:
    Walk your dog over by her place till you get to meet her and she gets to meet the dog and ask her for her name and ask her if she would go on a date with you.
  10. Spear her with the ceremonial pike, then yell " let us engage in sexual congress on the high mountains"

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  11. When she says stop or no or you're hurting me, it means she's into you.
  12. Look at his avatar. Read his post ^^
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    I look forward to the outcome OP! Cheering for ya :D
  14. Next time you see her, shout "get youre tits out for the boys"

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  15. No dammit growing up all I wanted was a nice hot ass neighbor that I could fuck whenever.
  16. Or if some lame sees you stealing her mail and calls the popo.
  17. Jajajajaja I was thinking this as well

    I believe its a federal crime to take someones mail

    Fuck catching a charge for that crap
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    wait until it's dark, put your car in a low gear with the windows rolled down and lights off and stare at her house with your boys as you slowly roll past
    oh and don't forget to lay one arm across the rim of the door to look even better. If you see her looking quickly speed away
    she'll think you're a badass
  19. Stand outside her window at night with a boom box over your head

  20. Yup, it's a felony punishable by 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. If you're going oto get a charge like that, at least have it involve weed haha.

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