The Giggle Stick.

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  1. Thought this was pretty fucking cool, didn't roll up that well but it's hash so yeah. I will do this, one day...

  2. B real is a beast for this i saw this a while ago still want a giggle stick
  3. fun fact: B-Real actually had a paintball team (still might, I don't play paintball) called Stoned Assassins, and they used to play tourneys and shit at our local field in my town. My bro reffed a lot of the games and he somehow got a huge like 10ft red SA banner.
  4. "you hear me fuck face?"
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    Yea I head that his team won a champion ship or something like that
  6. Damn that looks fucking dank. I wish i could chill with B-Real. That would be a dream come true...

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