The Ghost in the Machine

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  1. One sunny day a robot named Robert was getting along down the street in his usually way. He was on his way to his masters house who lived only a few blocks down and a couple houses to the left, he did not manage to get a hold of the apples and bananas that master Joe was asking for. He knew he failed his objective. He had never fail an objective before, it was not programed into him to have the ability to come to a conclusion why he could not find any bananas or apples.

    Robert continued to get along down the street, still trying to process all the information that comes along with acquiring apples and bananas. " I was supposed to go to the supermarket, once I got there I ought to have went straight to the fruit stand", but there was this beautiful piece of trunk that sparked Robert's nutty attention."I should of had more discipline, whats wrong with I malfunctioning, do I have a virus,... oh no what could it be...." and on and on went Robert's thoughts until he made it home.

    As he was explaining to Joe all the reasons why he had failed Joe, Joe told him to stop, that a ghost had gone wild in Roberts circuitry. " I knew it was a virus..."exclaimed Robert but before he could go on Joe cut him off, "I was speaking to the neighbors and they said the local supplier was all out of apples and bananas" and that Robert had not fail to get the fruit, but that the fruit had fail to get to Robert.

    So you see the entire time Robert spent believing all the negative things about how he failed was a big waste of time and energy on Roberts part, it was like a Ghost had got inside him, but nothing got inside, it was him, he was creating an experience of failure for himself and it ran wild on him, he actually believed the ghost. But you see we are the ghost in the machine ,you must watch it like a hunter watches his pray, and know that all the knowledge we gather, all the ideas and concepts that we so proudly wish to call our own, they are not your true self, but the ghost or fantasy of ourselves that we must uphold to get around in history. Yeah or Nah are really the only two feelings you can trust, the ghost is just part of a pattern in history that you accept as you, fall back, deeper into yourself, break the pattern to be free.
  2. Robert had not fail to get the fruit, but that the fruit had fail to get to Robert.

  3. What does ditto mean?

    Yeah Im pretty high and that was a real fun sentance to write.
  4. How timely:

  5. Strange eh, when/where was that quoted, isn't it weird how everybodies dreams are moving in the same direction, for example ...what just happened. Its like the internet is bring our minds together, like a massive library that will show you what you want all you have to do is type the word, can't wait for reality to be that way, im getting ready, for the dream man. Thats a new one for me when some one asks me what im doin "Gettin ready for the Dream man!"

  6. Synchronicity is personal? I really don't know but maybe...
  7. Did the title of this book sound familiar?
    Just wondered if this was slow motion synchronicity, or stoner plagarism?
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    do yall read zen?
  9. It's like waiting for a bus thats late questioning whether you've missed it, and how that could possibly be

  10. You can't really read zen
    You can read about zen
    but not directly; you can read about some one talking about zen...
    but that's like third or fourth generation info
    best to just be zen.
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  12. It wasn't plagerism, i have never read that article or book before. To me, its like knowlege or ideas preexist us somehow. I guess its just easier for random people to pick up on the idea once its already in the mass conciousness of people. Im sure youve had a massive apiffany and then came to find out that others had already way befor you.

    I will be posting a new thread with a small 'thing' I wrote while one night, just some random thoughts that go inline with the concept im trying to portray here.

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