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The George Galloway Appreciation thread.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Aries the Frog, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. George Galloway is a UK politician and opposes the warmongering of the West in the Middle East. George is also a very vocal supporter of the Palestinian peoples quest for freedom.

    George V's the US Senate. The US Senate had brought trumped up bullshit charges against him implying that he was a financial supporter of Saddam Hussein.
    [ame=]George Galloway BLISTERING ATTACK on the U.S. SENATE - YouTube[/ame]

    Shorter highlights of same.
    [ame=]George Galloway vs. U.S Senate (5/17/05) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. George tears into Sky News (Fox in the UK)

    [ame=]George Galloway Savages SKY NEWS! - YouTube[/ame]
  3. i fucking love 'gorgeous George', i would absolutely love to see him on Bill O'Reilly or Glen Becks shows, or even that ass-wipe Bill Maher.

    My father grew up at the same time as George Galloway, in the same scottish city (Dundee) and as my father ran restaurants and was quite political (and extremely to the left) they came to know each other.

    Well as the story my dad put to me goes, George was a city politician of some sorts due to meet his equivalent, from Afghanistan i believe, or possibly Iraq. One of the two countries anyway, and inexperienced George was desperate to impress this dude..

    So apparently my father and his friends did some research on the guy, and they told Galloway to present him with a bottle of fine Scotch whisky and a traditional Kilt. and of course the guy was a Muslim, and didn't drink alcohol, and had his legs blown off in a landmine accident years earlier, so a kilt was clearly unsuitable... i think the guy hot-tailed it back to the middle east none too impressed.

    and then, according to my father, he received three bullets in the mail a few weeks later, and never heard from Mr Galloway again.

    I can't be sure how accurate this is, but my dad swears by this story..
  4. Good thing this guy is forbidden from entering Canada on terrorism charges.
  5. Says a lot about that silly bigoted government when they cannot allow free speech does it not ?

    What are the charges J ? Similar to the shite he faced from the US senate ?
  6. Haha, so now anyone who doesn't sympathize with terrorists like Hamas are bigots?

    Hamas is classified as a terrorist organization in Canada.

  7. and the U.S and Canadian governments are classified as terrorist organisations in my living room.
  8. Can anyone answer me if the Arabs don't enjoy receiving world class healthcare, gender equality, LGBT rights, pensions, benefits, they are have every right to emigrate to a handful of war-torn, dictatorship-controlled, Arab country.

    Makes me wonder why there are over 2 million Arabs living in Israel...

  9. Maybe because its their home?

    and once again, you could call the U.S or indeed Canada a dictatorship-controlled, war torn country. Fuck, you guys are probably in more wars than most of these middle eastern states.

  10. "Maybe because its their home?"

    If the conditions were truly as bad as you guys make it out to be, they would be fleeing Israel to other countries such as Syria, Egypt, etc.....

    Anywho:wave: Yes! Canada is controlled by a dictatorship and we live in a war-torn society:rolleyes:

    Were do you live?

  11. hmm, somehow i don't think they will want to do that. you can see their point, why should they just be bulldozed out of the country? thats called genocide.

    and i live in the kingdom which is united, the UK. another war torn, dictatorship controlled country ;)

  12. They aren't being bulldozed out of their country..but rather receiving world class healthcare, gender equality, LGBT rights, pensions,and benefits.

    You like in the war-torn UK? Maybe you should move to Syria or Egypt..:wave:

  13. What Israel are you thinking of? Israel, West Virginia? i really don't think the arab chaps in israel, particularly the west bank, are having a very nice time of it at the moment. but hey ho... i just think the israel state is becoming, ironically, more and more like the Nazi Germany state during WW2.

    I don't enjoy the UK no...maybe i should, i will meet equally fucked up governments, but at least i will catch a sun tan. :cool:
  14. George V's Sky (Fox UK) again.

    [ame=]UNCUT !!!!!!SKY GEORGE GALLOWAY - YouTube[/ame]
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  16. Hardly. 
  17. So RP isn't a racist isolationist? 
    I'd say the racist is, perhaps, going a bit far.  Bigot may be more suiting.  He certainly seems to support American isolationism though.
  18. If Ron Paul is a racist, he does a very horrible job at being one. Anyone who still calls him a racist to this day is clearly regurgitating the medias attempt at character assassination while strictly denying all the counter evidence just to refrain from seeming wrong. 
    That's If I had a son beating up children around the neighborhood, i'd be an isolationist for telling him to play with them instead of beating on them? I guess so.

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