The General board is so damn slow right now. It's dead

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Shame... Well I am going to go eat some more mushroommms :D

    See you on the flip side :p
  2. word man I'm pretty faded just got home

    have a great trip on those shroomies
  3. I hope you have a great time.. im rollin right now.. my buddy was kind enough to hook me up with a couple when he came by tonight.

    have fun man.

    i always love watching Tool music videos when i trip.
  4. I'm killing off the better half of this Guinness and getting ready to crash.

    Nothing is better than falling asleep in a semi-drunken haze.

  5. drinkin an 8oz heineken, bout to pass out, gotta work tomarrow.

    flyers won again tho, lifes pretty good.
  6. eh.. i cant feel my face(some of you already know) i gotta find something to do, nite blades.
  7. Smoked a couple bowls, wish people would post more, I'll probably think of a good topic later.
  8. Just got back(its midnite)had a good day. picked up half o of master kush at a new club we hit up in hollywood. shits called kush mart,prices are good too. grabbed some brownies and kief kats. im packing some bowls smoken, feeling good. my stomach feels all good lol blaze it!
  9. just got home from work..tired as fuck..checking gc before i craaash

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