The GC App?

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  1. So whats the deal with the app?
  2. That was posted today by Gnik. ;)
  3. Working on this at the moment, Colours , images , backend requirement all done. Hopefully will be ready today to submit.
  4. Was trying to find the app on the iPhone App Store but it wasn't there. Will it be available soon?
  5. Bring it back!!! I miss my iPhone app haa I'm lost without it :p
  6. The mobile site just isn't doin it for me
  7. Thanks for the update guys.

    I agree the mobile site isnt cutting it. I feel too limited so I just use the full version on my phone.

    We'll have to wait until apple approves the app and what not
  8. Hopefully it's up soon, gotta have my GC app! Hopefully it works a lot like the previous one
  9. Hopefully, its up soon. The new browser site confuses this stoner and looks like fb. Need gc in my life againD:
  10. deleted the old to try and re-install and was disheartened to find it was no longer available.. 
  11. Same. I shouldve left it there.

    Hopefully it'll be up by this weekend
  12. Is there anyway to get a preview of what the app will look like?
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    Some screenshots from iPad which highlights one of the most requested feature , like messages on App :)


    Will this look satisfy your needs :)
  14. Can't wait till its up for apple! Was wondering why it kept shutting down on me for the last few days
  15. The new app have following Push Notifications :
    • Reply to a thread you are subscribed to
    • When someone quote's you
    • When someone mention's you
    • New thread creation on subscribed forum section
    • When someone likes your message
    • When you receive a new private message
  16. Looks awesome cannot wait.  I've been slacking a little in the forum since I didn't enjoy the last GC app on my iPad.  I'm excited to get back into it more with a easy to use app that takes advantage of the iPad's screen size.
  17. Any word on when it should be ready to use?
    Both app's are ready to install however we faced a very minor obstacle which will be resolve next Tuesday ( due to a holiday here on Monday ) . Android Store application approval process is pretty fast, it takes usually around 48 - 72 hours. Apple Store is slower then that , usually takes around 10-14 work days.
  19. God damn Apple!

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