The Gathering Room

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  1. I cant remember where I found this, but I have this sign that Im trying to figure out what I want to do with.


    What Im thinking so far is to glue a mirror background to it, and have multi-colored LEDs going around the edge. Now Im not good with circuitry so the LED thing may be a little difficult. Especially since I would like it to where I can choose the colors and have them flash in patterns. Remotely would be awesome.

    Where can I find a diagram that could show me how to build this? Any creative input is also welcome
  2. I dunno what to do with this but you should put it in a grow room.
  3. I dunno man I kinda like the way it is, kinda gives off a classy yet adventurous feel.
  4. its got a stephen king feel to it...."the gathering room"....dark theme would be good imo...:smoke:
  5. Then the question is what kind of wall to put it against

    Define 'dark theme'. Im having trouble visualizing this
  6. i saw the title "the gathering room" before the picture....i just thought of some sort of fucked up little critters convening...snickering and drooling slighlty sort of thing....

    the bad gather at night...
  7. I understand what you meant by that. When I see 'The Gathering' I think of The Gathering of Juggalos.

    I just cant think of a 'dark theme' to apply to it. I can probably redo the lettering to something else and make it blacklight reactive or something
  8. lol, i had to look up "juggalo"...:).....

    this project can, as some do, just lead nowhere...sometimes no matter how hard i try to make something work in the artistic sense, sometimes is just does not happen for me (thats usually my cue for some jack daniels)...:smoke:

    juggalo...hold on....their clown looking....interesting to see how shit can connnect....stheoen kings IT...(pennywise i think his name is).....

    combine juggalos with pennywise....and have them gather.....see fuck that!!, "The Gathering Room" should be the title man....

    and that leaves you with room to move...then you are not bound to the frame....but you have a concept...a dark, juggalo/pennywise combo dark freak...and they are gathering....

  9. ...are you calling me a drama queen?:confused:
  10. I think putting it in some sort of sitting room would be best, really a perfect sign for a room where you'd smoke with other people, like maybe your bedroom, or a living room.
  11. Like omigosh don't call me like a drama queen. Like ok?
  12. If it were me.........

    I'd hang that sign on the wall............

    And gather together with my friends in the room where said sign was hung to perform ritualistic actions together such as:

    Smoking Session
    Watch Football games
    Play video games
    Look at each other's socks
    Play poker

    As for the mirror............I like it plain

    As for the lights..........That's a good idea. The wiring isn't all that difficult. I'd be willing to PM with you to give you wiring details.....BUT....

    I like it as-is, with no lights.

    My $.02
  13. thatd look good on a yellow background with big purple letters....:):):):)
  14. I like the light idea. But not multi colored.

    Just a classic white light, around the edges would look really cool.
  15. Nothing is final yet. I dont have a room like that yet so Im just tossing ideas around. I would like what you have on wiring though
  16. maybe on a door eh?
  17. Im really liking this idea
  18. damn right, just make sure the inside of the room doesn't dissapoint
  19. i had an idea: have two plates of frosted glass sandwiching the inner glass that reads that. just have enough opacity around the letters to make it visible. then, in the gap of those three panes, put in LED lights of your favorite colors. or you can have small spotlights that shine behind the glass, in a shadow box style setup.

    and mount it in the major focal point of the room.

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