The Gathering of The Vibes

Discussion in 'General' started by Serious Eric, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. So tomorrow is the big day. I have to be at the stage at 8 o'clock in the mornin tomorrow to set it up, and mark everything. everyday i'll be working from 8-8 on the local (free stage). then of coarse there's plenty of mainstage action so come check it out! it's gonna be a blast.
    I gotta show up early to set up my campsite and technically ive never been to a festival. I've been to Ozzfest which is not a festival. It's more like a merchandising fair. so i was wondering what yall were bringin....?

    lots of water
    food and munchies
    sleeping bag
    2 towels
    a few changes of clothes
    extra lighters
    swiss army knife and a few tools
    duct tape
    something fun to play with (like some stupid toy or PSP)
    toothpaste, mouthwash, brush, deoderant, TP, ect.

    can ya think of anything else?

    hope to see ya there,
  2. ...the stash...
  3. bugspray
    alcohol (Plastic only!)
    first-aid kit
  4. backpack with some books and pencils and markers
    rolling papers
    a few blunts
    a sturdy reliable pipe
  5. green honey dutch masters. oh and you forgot to bring me. who else is gonna protect the chickens while your high ass is wanderin round?
  6. Yes! I shall be there! Well...not tomorrow. Didn't get the VIP pass. But, man, Friday is gonna ROCK!
  7. im not sure you'll need books or art supplies, i had brought some to my first festival and they just took up space. although it could be different with you having to work. you'll probably not be tripping constantly like i was.
    bring a hat!
    condoms perhaps....
  8. Tomorrow Morning! Wooooooo!
  9. Just a few hours! Gonna miss GC! But, atleast I get to meet a few members. :)
  10. And now the time has come. YAY! Love ya guys. I'll be back in a few days. :)
  11. what is this gathering you guys are talkin bout'?
  12. wow! les claypoole? Luckys..
  13. One hell of a great time. Spent most of it drunk on great beer and stoned and cheap, but great herb. I'm red as hell, fried, and exhausted. Lots of pictures to post later.

    Claypool, Ratdog, George Clinton, and The Wailers met everyone's expectations and then some.

    Man, I'm sun burned...

  14. Man, a sun burned Anus.

    ahahahahaha- you can have so much fun with your name.

    Glad you had a good time.
  15. Eric...

    This is mighty akward, are you related to a Dan or Danny? He lives in NH?
  16. Oh man, it was amazing.

    This was a 16,000 person event. Huge turnout. Ran out of places to park next to your tent, so we were forced to walk about a half mile with our gear. I didn't mind. But, the thing was FUCKIN' FREEZING! Seriously, cold rain, winds, and temperatures so cold I could see my breath. I didn't pack for shit. Cause, it was said it'd be hot and sunny all the time. Holy shit, it was annoying.

    But, then, the beer kicked in. Didn't really have any feelings of cold after that. So, we set up camp, meet our "neighbors", and set off to explore. Greeted with hippes of all ages. People of all walks of life, wanting to jam with great music, food, beer, and people.

    So fun. Everyone's friendly, no one cares how you act what you say, (not to negative towards them, though.), its a judgement free zone, and its awesome. I didn't bring my own stash, because we were in her car and I didn't want to risk her name, if I we got stopped for anything.

    So, I was hoping to score there. I did. Oddly enough, on Friday, I couldnt score some for the life of me. The only thing that saved me was a friendly hippy. We were jamming in the concert, I was pretty drunk, but budless, and he looked like a raging stoner. So, I went up, and bought him some Magic Hat: India Pale Ale...MMMMmmm...and thought that a dark beer would be helpful.

    I handed it too him, and it was so funny. His eye lit up. He said, "Dude! You answered my prayers! The guys at the gate made m throw away my beer at the gate because it was a can." (Yea, they didn't want extra cans for people to stepping on.) He pulled out a decent sized steam-roller with some good stuff. Not the dankest I've seen, but really good. :) We hit that right in the crowd. Didn't matter because half the crowd was doing the same with their little pieces. :)

    Saturday was awesome, hot as hell. So weird, because I thought fall had hit early yesterday. Good music, got some Thai Food, with a massive amount on the place. Pounder scewers of meat, tons of Phad Thai Noodles and Fried Rice. Mmmm....

    Pizza slices were like 3 times normal slices. Little pricey the food was, but the portions juustified it. Lines long as hell with drunks and stoners. But, it wasn't your typical bar scene, where everyone's in a challenge to more dominate, everyone just forgets that shit and shares an awesome time together.

    Groups of people sitting in the shade. The music playing loud in the background, the smell of herb is constantly being noticed.

    Yea, I know I'm rambling. I'm still really high and pretty drunk. Man...I didn't want to go back to the real world. :(
  17. You live in New England, you should have known better than to assume it would be sunny :p Connecticut is known for crazy weather, well all of New England is really lol
  18. Oh yea, I also only picked up an 1/8th. It was $30 bucks, but I couldn't resist. He asked if I wanted to see it first. Which is a good sign for a good dealer. As he unzipped his pouch, the smell of funk hit me. The good kind of funk. :) I looked and held it. It had trichs, a lot, but not like TONS like Mr. Postman's would have. But, it dense. Not wet, just dense. And the smell, wow. You think a Skunk would have marked himself on a Basket of Christmas Citrus Fruit.

    I asked if he knew the name of the strain. He didn't know it, but he brother knew the grower. So, I bought it. I had smoked for nearly a month (Except that bowl of other stuff the other night.) I was still coughing. I went to the tent. My girl and I sparked it. W

    ...I remember walking the food court. Ordering Cheese and Gravy fries. Man, that shit was good. :)
  19. awesome. ive never worked harder in my life. i learned a lot. even did sound work for Les Claypool , even just for a moment. then i hung out with les. anywho, hope yall are safe. im exhausted. goodnite.

    much love,

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