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The Gateway Drug??!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shell_09, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. I have seen many people address the gateway drug aspect of weed... I don't see weed being a gateway drug for me, but that's not to say the someone with an addictive personally won't use weed as a gateway drug. I don't like the anti-drug establishments smear weed... recently, i've been seeing alot of weed: "It impares your judgement!" personally, i thought that was the anti-alcohol slogen... now in my books you have to be original... like weed: "less harmful then smoking a cigarette" I think that the term "gateway" has been may be a bit strong, i think that yes there should be warnings but MAN, i saw a weed commercial. These 2 boys are smoking some weed the other picks up a gun and shoots his friend! BS, so much bs! i think that would have happened if they weren't stoned! I really don't like how weed is only spoken from the negative voice... wereas, we the actual users, are silenced for out enjoyment of this fine weed? BS and more BS... when will people learn!

    -Shay Out!

  2. 20-50 years is my best guess..

    just light up and try not to worry about it
  3. shit... i just wanna know what the gov. think's they're accomplishing through prohibition. didn't they learn that prohibition doesn't work when they did it with alchohol?

    seriously... if people want to smoke pot, they're going to do it... regardless of what those anti-drug propoganda assholes are saying.

  4. Hear, Hear!
  5. Gateway drug? YES

    It has opened the gate for me to have an enjoyable life.

    I guess that it works.
  6. Its a gateway drug if u want it to be. Nah Mean?

  7. the reason it didn't work with alcohol is that it was already extremely popular when they banned it.
    with pot they were able to apeal to ignorance, if our generation had taste legality and had it take away there would have been an uprising and it wouldn't have flown. but instead we have to work really hard to achieve our goals

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