The Gas Chamber!

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    Welcome to my Grow Journal!:wave:

    This is The Gas Chamber

    Well I dropped a dime or two and sprung for a new setup and did some diy building around the grow..

    here we go! The spec's!

    Veg Area # 1:
    a 5'T x 5'L x 25" deep shelf unit i made for mother's and a top nursery for clones and young vegging plant's/seedling's etc..

    Top nursery: 2 x twin t8 fixtures..4 bulb's total (12080 lumen's) mixed bulb's 3 6500k and one 3000k toward the center..

    Mother Area: 3 x twin t8 fix..6 bulb's total (18120lumen's) 5 6500k and 1 3000k toward the center


    Veg Area #2:
    A 3x2' cubby next to the existing closet, insulation lined floor, 150 watt HPS..use this for vegging clones before flowering..can fit about 20 or more 1 gallon's in there..i made the shelf for soiless medium's and nutrient's ...makes a good light hanger a too! lol

    Next to it is my super aero/dwc cloning machine i made..
    125 watt hydrofarm 6500k cfl and my diy hood..
    hung from a shelf for nutes as well..just a cheap wire shelf screwed into the wall via drywall anchor's.
    They both get sup lighting from each other..kind of cool...and simple
    here is that little section..

    Flower Room "The Gas Chamber"
    6.5' x 6.5' 6.5 foot mylar lined, ballistic's nylon made grow tent..
    double water proof floor and sealable door's..40 square feet total , 275 cubic feet

    400cfm hydrofarm inlne blower 6"

    Lighting will include 3 x 400watt hps(1200watt's)
    a/c for intake
    super pvc diy carbon filter 6" 10-15 lb's of real good carbon..

    all soil for now but getting a 3x6' ebb and flow table and making a nice soiless setup..then later switch to all of those system's..

    everything you could imagine...:p
    dutch master's
    huboldt counties own
    H&G Dutch
    DNF Dutch
    roots organic
    vital earth guano's and casting's
    advanced grow bloom micro
    alaska fish fert
    super tea(guano company)
    b'cuzz recepie for success
    and much much more:eek: damn i gotta a ton of nutes! lol
    i do test trial's for some so ya..they hook me up..heehee:smoking:

    are you ready? lot's to grow..

    Ak-47(serious seed mother)curretly growing
    Widowrella(female seed's)
    A-Train(TH Seeds mother and another one going in the booth)
    sour diesel(Medical Seed's)
    querkle(TGA/Subcool breeder pack of 4 reg's)
    Afghan kush(wos) got the chop! discontinued in my garden..
    IL diavolo auto(delicious seed's fem) currently growing
    Train wreck(ghsc mother) till i cut that beotch..
    Bubba Kush(fem)

    Mandala seed's:
    Satori(breeder: mother/male) current prodject
    hashberry(breeder: mother/male)current prodject

    red diesel
    cherry berry

    LA Woman..(next to be discontinued)currently growing
    Rocklock(fem seed)
    sourcream(fem seed)
    sharks breath(1 mother and got 1 fem seed)currently growing

    Next Generation:
    Grapefruit diesel(breeder seed's) reg 5 pack
    Blue dynamite(breeder seed's)reg 5 pack

    Gowing medium:
    hydrodon clay rock's
    sure to grow
    soil, my own brew of course..all organic
  2. Pulling up a chair.... I will be watching closely, and stealing... er, I mean borrowing all the ideas I can :) Can't wait to see your carbon filter :) Need something reliable for my grow.
  3. I don't have enough time to pull up a seat and follow this like i'd want to. So I'm putting my life on hold and pulling up my bed. Time to get comfy.
  4. right
    cheer's fella's shit's gettin started as we speak updates soon;)
  5. Yeah I'll be checking this one out real close! No Co2 in that "gas chamber"? Have you had any exp. before this grow? Enjoy and good luck! "Bubbledusty":smoke:
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