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  1. There's a game that's perhaps the most distracting and ridiculous to know. However it has travelled ireland quite quickly already. The shame is once anyone reads this post they are playing the game. you see the object of the game is to forget it. When you rememeber you are playing the game you lose it and must say so. So as of now forget that your playing the game. Remember the game and you've lost it. That simple, perhaps one of the most annoying games ever created especially when one looses the game while rolling.
  2. Thats retarded.
  3. Is this like the "infinite game" or something?
  4. i purposesly remembered i was playing so i would be disqualified and get to out
  5. can i be the shoe?
  6. i dont like games. but id try that one
    [ame=]YouTube - Fashawn- Something Special.wmv[/ame]

  7. If you dig up one more of these threads that is 8+ years old I'm gunna beat your ass. shit is getting rediculous
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    LMAO. The game has always existed, everywhere, you've just found out now.

    It exploded during senior year, and I learned the game then.

    So annoying when someone says "I lost the game." then everyone else says it a second later. Fucking high schoolers.

  9. best game around. i never lose the game:devious:
  10. 1) The Game is an old ass meme
    2) The Game is, and has always been, a retarded meme


  11. You just lost.
  12. oh fuck you its been months
  13. Sup?


    EDIT: Oh wait...

    fuckin chewie...
  14. I would punch someone for even suggesting we play this.

  15. You'd be punching a lot of nerds. :p

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