The ^^^ Game

Discussion in 'General' started by MysteryMoogle, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. THE ^^^ GAME

    1. Your post should comment only on the last post/poster made.
    2. Each post starts ^^^ to make reference to the previous poster.
    3. Make it funny!

    I post on another site and I found this game here. I have participated in it there for awhile and I thought I'd bring it here. This game is fun. (Idea courtesy of Dew Rag)
  2. ^^^ Good idea for a game but didn't sombody start one like it before. Sorry, I'm all out of funny. Spongebob is cool.
  3. I know they did on another message board... Wasn't sure about this one.
  4. ^^^ I was gonna do that anyway.
    (Who lives in a pinapple under the sea?)

    the acting in Episode 2 sucked!!!
    and they kept JAR_JAR for crissake!!

  6. ^^^secretly loves to wear Barney (the dino) underwear. :p
  7. ^^^also secretly loves to wear ZIA's Barney underwear.

  8. ^^^phunky has my new fav signatrue now :D
  9. ^^^^ indubitably.......testacles...itching.........bbl.
  10. ^^^ i think he just won the game
  11. ^^^needs to like, get down with his bad self. :D I don't know, I'm stoned.
  12. ^^^cant get down, because shes too stoned.
  13. ^^^would be correct :D
  14. ^^^^shut the door on reasonably funny responses....hmm....guess just a statement will have to do.
  15. ^^^ lol at sig I rubbed my nubbin haha that made me laugh hella hard
  16. Haha this is ancient.
  17. ^^^ il ignore that link, and ill advise you not do drink that purple drank u got there
    cough jamarcus russel cough

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