The Game Plan - Open to Suggestions [Experienced Growers Please Read]

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  1. I wanted to run my game plan by you guys, and hopefully get some input. I'm new to indoor growing, but I've grown outdoors multiple times.

    I'm going to be growing BC God Bud, and I'm aiming for 2 lbs + per 1000w fixture. I'm trying to recreate Matt's results.

    The plants will be grown in 7 gallon pots, vegging for 8 weeks. I'm going to have 4 plants under each fixture, with a total of 16 plants. The goal is to average 1/2 lb in dry weight from each plant.

    He thinks I can easily achieve my goal lol, but I'd like to know what you guys think.

    Roots Organics Formula 707
    The reason I want to go with the Formula 707 soil is specifically due to its water retention. I don't want to have to water my plants as frequently as I would with a soil that has quicker drainage.

    General Organics and Floralicious Plus from General Hydroponics + Big Swell from Soul Synthetics
    This combination was recommended by a few seasoned members on THCFarmer.
    Now for the equipment...

    I opted to go with this combo because it's cost effective, and I've heard good things about the Magnum XXXL as well as the Lumatek ballasts.

    Inline Fans + Carbon Filter

    Same idea, I went with the bundle to save a few dollars. I also wanted to get 3 of the same type of inline fan. I plan on "daisy chaining" my lights to save room inside the tent by having the intake and exhaust fans sitting on top of the grow tent (I'm taking a 9' x 4.5' and laying it across the top to stabilize half of the surface to hold the fans).

    Oscillating Fans

    I plan on positioning a fan in each corner of the tent to keep the air circulating.
    Grow Tent

    Well... That's all the main equipment.

    Let me know what you guys think, if there's anything I should swap out, or if I should use a different nutrient line up, etc.

    - Judge Dredd

  2. looks fine to me. although your grow tent link doesn't work.
  3. Sorry lol, it's a 9' x 9' Gorilla Grow Tent w/ the height extension.
  4. 9x9 is too much space for a 1kw. like, it'll work. but it wont do what you expect it to. 1000watters work best in 4x4. 600w in 3x3. so, ideally, you would want 4x600watts in that area.
  5. Since you do have experience I think 8 oz per plant is very doable. You're still targeting under 1gpw with a planned 8 week veg and reasonable root volume.
    Look into LST for an easy way to maximize your yield.
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    Your numbers are off...

    In a 9' x 9' space, if I went with 600w bulbs I'd need 9 to evenly cover the canopy. But if I bumped up to 1000w bulbs, I can cover most of room evenly with only 4 bulbs.

    Note: I opted out of the air cooled hoods, I'm just using the good old Adjust-A-Wing reflectors with the heat spreaders. Shipping the A/C hoods from the US to Canada was going to cost me a fortune.

    For nutrients I'm just using the GO line up, with Floralicious Plus and Big Swell. Big Swell is a pain in the ass to get, I have to pay $100 extra just to have it shipped across the border ffs lol.
  7. ah yes, sorry. 9x9 you would need 9. that's not so bad though, put two plants by every 600w. I've just always said 2x600w>1kw because better heat management and light coverage. but I misunderstood, I thought you meant you were only using 1x1kw fixture for the whole 9x9 tent. you throw 4 in there and you'd be looking pretty good. I'm a fan of the adjust-a-wing too. hopefully you have a pretty big AC unit going inside your room to keep things cool though! and a couple oscillating fans for that matter.
  8. When you live in Canada mother nature is your AC during the winter lol.

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