The future

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by flowerchild420, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. I was smoking some bud tonight and this just came to me..........

    Outside in the darkness, frigid wind rustles my hair
    Shattering the silence whispering secrets that need to be shared.
    Falling to my knees I plead.......
    That salvation overcome me despite my greed.
    Focusing my tear-struck eyes..........
    In the distance, I see the tiniest figure trying to hide.
    The fluttering of wings, the glittering of the night sky
    Channel my 5 senses into the greatest of all highs.
    Breathing in my pain, hunger, deceits, and fear
    I exhale all negative energies, my mind finally completely clear.
    Through my catharsis, I see a glimmering light
    Giving me hope for the future devoid of these useless fights.
    A peace-loving utopia full of free-spirited hippies
    Dancing in the moonlight, spiritually and emotionally tipsy.
    In this hereafter, us stoners shall prevail........
    Smoking our chronic and drinking our ale!!!!!!!
  2. That's excellent. I love the way you write

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