The Future of the Internet as we Know it

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  1. Hey GC so I just installed the grasscity forum app for iPhone and have found myself browsing the forums a lot more. Anyways this is for you guys who have noticed the changes that are happening with torrents, music downloading, pirating and the like. If you've noticed, when trying to download or even try to search for pirated software through google, it shows that the DMCA have removed an X amount of queries from the results.

    I feel this is just one example. Another is the ending of the almighty and megavideo.

    What other examples can you guys think of that have been impacted and what else do you guys think will happen in the near future.
  2. i havent noticed any search results being removed yet. you have any example searches i can do? i dont always use google for my torrent searches but if the sites my vuze searches doesnt find them, i do. and thus far ive had 100% success rate.
  3. We should fear the Internet.

    It's starting to be a NEED.

    15-20 years ago, onlythe geeks were using it.
  4. [ame][/ame]

    Sorry, title made me think of this.

  5. Yeah I'm starting to fear the control the internet has over me.
    I need to be disconnected completely or I'll have my internet by any means.:eek:
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    [quote name='"CannabisCrusade"']i havent noticed any search results being removed yet. you have any example searches i can do? i dont always use google for my torrent searches but if the sites my vuze searches doesnt find them, i do. and thus far ive had 100% success rate.[/quote]

    When you search windows 7 crack for instance on google, you get this message on the bottom

    In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at

    Im still able to find everything I want but i feel this is just the beginning and it's pirated software may begin to go downhill.
  7. They won't do it, it's our freedom, we won't let them take it.

    Honest, things have changed vastly with the internet of our planet in the last twenty years thanks to the advent of the internet, connectivity and sharing of information has exponentially increased year after year thanks to the people working hard to give us higher model processers and newer versions of ram. That enabled the computers and macs to do more, and with doing more came more creativity.

    As soon as youtube came along, everybody could add their imaginations and artwork to this online database of people's minds, essentially, and human beings fucking love products of other people's minds, we judge, like, hate, love, and betray states of mind thousands of times a day.

    The internet is allowing things within our daily lives to happen faster and faster.

    And now with the implimentation of smart phones in our pockets, essentially a whole lot of mobile browsing (and money gouging) is occuring, and our connectivity as a species has never been so vibrant and enthralling.

    We're connected no matter where we go, and it's a natural response of our species to continue to be interconnected to everyone because it's in our nature, to build on connectedness.

    Our society has to be careful though, we need to all come to a level playing field as of 50 years ago but unfortunately we can't get outside our own heads..

    We all better hope that there's something beyond this physical body, because we're tarnishing existance for everyone that is/was to come after us.
  8. America (dunno if its government or what) owns the internet... therefore they can technically, or they assume, do what they want with it...

    they managed to close megaupload without SOPA and ACTA, so whats stopping them doing it to anyone? personally, i'd like to see them tackle the Chinese governments' fucking censorship before they start fighting battles for the already-way-too-fucking-rich club.
  9. SOPA & PIPA would use the exact same technology as China if the bills were to pass. Ironic isn't it? We "supposedly" hate China yet we would be using the same censorship tech as them.

    Even though SOPA and PIPA didn't pass there are many other bills in progress trying to do the same thing.

  10. Yes, that was the whole debate too during the SOPA/PIPA legislation, of how the US has been hypocritical. Not only that, but we are the number one pollution producing country in the world, and yet we tell China to slow down their emissions? See how much of a huge hypocrite we are?

    But back to subject at hand, China is supposed to become surpass us in around 2030. I can't imagine how much different it's going to be when it comes to technology and diplomatic relations.

    I understand this point, but look at this way. Whatever we use, and use a lot, common problems arise. People in the future will see that being on the computer/internet can cause a lot of problems, which will later become common, and possibly producing solution, via internet, ironically. We shouldn't really "fear" it, since advancement in the human world is inevitable, and this is one of the advancements. We can't hold back on something that inevitable. Like I said, common problems will arise no matter what, and those things will eventually be brought to attention.

    To OpenMindFields: I get what your saying, but with the internet, information such conscience and beyond our physical body(meditation, OBD,etc) will become accessible through the internet.

    In conclusion: Yes, worrying about some negatives about the internet is always good and trying to find solutions, but in all, I believe it will come to its own resolutions eventually. As much as many say that our rights are being taken away, which is true, but I don't see our whole population being so "brainwashed" to a point where we won't care about freedom on the internet, because we use it on a daily, and hourly basis.

  11. after the first world war your president, i think Woodrow Wilson, came up with an idea called the 'League of Nations' - predecessor to the UN. then you voted against joining it because you didn't want to get caught up in 'Europe's problems'...
    you then joined world war two because Japanese bombers bombed Hawaii, and they called it a direct attack upon America, when Hawaii didn't become a state until '59? :s

    America's just silly. no offence :p
  12. Basically every generation experiences crazy shit from birth to death. Shit happens. Then we die.

  13. Yes, but who was bombed? THE AMERICAN SHIPS. It wasn't a state till 59, yes that is correct, but American soldiers died in Pearl Harbor

  14. It was an American territory.

  15. all of it, or just pearl harbour...?

    nonetheless don't get so defensive.
  16. They will just drive us deeper :smoke:

  17. We're only getting defensive because we're pointing out the real and accurate information

  18. and i obviously only raised that half truth in jest -.-'
  19. Maybe the turning point will be the internet, if they succeed in censoring it maybe enough people will actually fight to get it back and make some changes.
  20. we will fight back with memes!!!

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