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  1. okay... maybe the title is a bit much hah but i had to attract attention somehow right? i was wondering if you guys could give me your opinion on a song i made

    (the lyrics were written by my girlfriend.. so there kind of cheesy)

    PS. i know im a terrible singer.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxVOmK5OCmI&feature=channel_video_title]YouTube - The Pop Song.[/ame]
  2. It won't play :(. Sigh.
    good guitar work.
    indie rock with some blues action. i like
  4. yeah, u think this would be a good track if the vocals were good?
  5. dude you need more confidence in your art
    i like the harmony of your voice, it's real and your songs are good, you just need to realize it ;)
  6. yeahhh i have confidence in my music, i just hate the sound of my own voice.. might be why :) thanks though

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